November 27, 2012

Review: Broadway Nails Impress Press-On Manicure in Wink Wink

Retail Price: $7.99


Want a fast 5 minute manicure for a night out? These are definitely for you. I decided to give my friend a manicure makeover with these beautiful nails. They come in a cute nail polish shaped container, with 24 different nail sizes. No glue, no mess, no fuss. Beautifully designed, and very flexible.

Okay, so starting off, I used the included pad to clean her nails of any imperfections. Then I went on to match nail sizes. I did have a hard time finding some to fit the thumb just right. A few more sizes would have been fantastic. Once I found all 10 nails that best fit her nails, it was easy applying them. Just removing a plastic piece, placing it on the nail, and pressing down. In a matter of 5 minutes her nails went from drab to fab. This would be great for a event or party.

As far as lasting up to a week, I think it depends on what you do in your normal day to day life. She works in a office and is typing all day long. The nails stayed on for 4 days. Removal was easy, just a little nail polish remover and they came right off. Her one complaint was that some of the nails were just too long. And she didn't want to cut them, since it would ruin the design.

Overall, I would more so recommend these for those moments when you want a quick and fast manicure.
For long term use, I am not too sure. Would I buy them? Yes, but only for special occasions.

Pros: Easy application, many different designs, easy to use, fast, simple.
Cons: Not made for larger nails, too long.

*These were sent to me for free thru Influenster to review.

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