November 25, 2012

Review: Energy Sheets Mint Boost

Retail Price: $5.95


The idea behind these energy boosting sheets is genius. Great for people on the go, they claim to quickly dissolve on your tongue and boost your energy level.

I was excited to try these out. Who couldn't use a boost of energy every now and then right? I am very familiar with strips like these, I have used the mouthwash ones for years. The package they come in is great travel size. The sheets come individually wrapped, again this is also great. They were a little bit bigger than what I was expecting, but this wasn't a issue. Once I put the strip on my tongue, I could begin tasting the mint flavor. Soon it became almost unbearable  The flavor was like using a whole package of the mouthwash strips. It without a doubt freshened my breath for the next 20 years. While on my tongue, it did not quickly dissolve as I was hoping. It felt very slimy on my tongue, and I was very tempted to spit it out. But I stuck through it. Shortly after it dissolved, I had this strong funky after taste. It was nasty.

Did it give me any energy. I think it did for a little while. Would I buy these or use them again? Probably not, unless I eat onions with a side of garlic. I really think they could be onto something if they improved the formula a bit.

Pros: Did boost energy, easy to travel with, no sugar or calories.

Cons: Bad strong mint flavor, horrible after taste, energy wasn't too long lasting.

*These were sent to me for free thru Influenster to review.

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