November 25, 2012

Review: Necco Tropical Wafers

Retail Price: $1.25


These little guys came in my Influenster College VoxBox. Before I even opened the box I could smell something fruity. It smelled like fruit heaven. I was excited to see what it was. Once I saw what they were, I was kind of hesitant. My mother used to love to eat the original Necco wafers. I tried many times to like them, but they just weren't my thing. But when I saw the flavors I was open to give them a try.

I tried one of each flavor, which include coconut, passion fruit, strawberry, lime, banana, and mango. Out of all those flavors, the only 2 I could stand eating and didn't spit out was the lime and mango. The strawberry reminded me of a gross medicine, the banana was more like a rotten banana, and the passion fruit was way to over powering. The coconut was just... strange. I strongly believe that Necco wafers are a food that either you like, or you don't. And for me, I just don't.

Pros: Cute classic packaging, good variety of flavors, cheap price.

Cons: Bad tastes, over powering flavors, chalk texture.

*These were sent to me for free thru Influenster to review.

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