December 02, 2012

Review: Hartz Dentists Best Dental Treats For Cats

Retail Price: $2.99


First and foremost, let me introduce everyone to my little pumpkin, Anna. She is a 12 year old little princess that I have had since she was a tiny kitten. She is SUPER fussy when it comes to what she eats. She hates human food, and strictly only eats cat foods. She doesn't like any fish flavored products, poultry only. So finding treats for her, that will help her breath are very hard to come by.

I was in Walmart looking for a cat treat that would help clean her teeth, and freshen her breath when I stumbled upon these cat treats. I was so happy when I saw they were a chicken flavor, I thought they might stand a chance with her. So I purchased them. They were more on the expensive side for cat treats (compared to others in the aisle), but if they worked, then that was fine with me.

I got them home, immediately when she heard the sound of the bag, she came running. I gave her one, and she ate it. And let me tell you, she wanted more! It is to the point now that I have to hide the bag up high where she can't get to them, because if  I don't, she will try to claw and chew open the bag to get them. Shes a very determined kitty.

After using these for about 2 months, I have noticed a huge difference in her breath. Before, I'll be honest, her breath was ripe. It could curl your hair. Now, it is normal kitty breath. I have re-purchased these already, and plan to keep using them. I really don't think she has any issue with that!

Now, when I was trying to take a blog picture of the treats, you can see what happened. She just loves them, I mean look at her face! Its love! I HIGHLY recommend these to anyone with a kitty. Bad breath or not, they are great!

Pros: Cat loves these, available at Walmart, fights bad breath, cat loves it!

Cons: None!

*These were purchased with my own money. This is NOT a sponsored blog.

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