January 14, 2013

Review: Palmolive Fresh Infusions Dish Soap

Retail Price: $2.99

Website: http://www.colgate.com/app/Palmolive/US/EN/HomePage.cwsp

If you are looking for a new dish soap to spice up your kitchen, then check these out. Palmolive's new Fresh Infusion liquid dish soaps are amazing. Lets start with what you first see. The packaging is beautiful. The graphics on the bottle are vibrant and gorgeous. Easily able to tell what the scent is just by looking. Easy to hold in your hand as well. I really love the packaging of these!

Next, onto the scents. The 3 scents I were able to try are Lime Basil, Ginger White Tea, and Lemon Thyme. I gave the Lemon Thyme to my mother to try out. She loves it. She said the scent is strong, but not overpowering. The Ginger White Tea scent is my favorite. Light, floral yet herbal scent. I did a live demo using this, which I will post in a upcoming video! I really enjoy the scents, perfect for dish soaps.

Finally, performance. These work wonderfully. I saved out a ice cream bowl, left it over night, and washed it the next afternoon. I let the bowl sit in the soapy water for just about a minute, never touched it, and it almost cleaned itself. I was amazed. I didn't have to scrub like I would with other dish soaps I've used. I was highly impressed. I filmed this as my demo, so be sure to check out my next blog post which will feature the demo video!

So overall, I give these a big double thumbs up. I will be purchasing these in the future. If you would like to purchase them yourself, they are available at your local Walmart.

Pros: Tough fighting formula makes dish washing simple, no scrubbing, geat scents, beautiful colors, wonderful packaging, widely available and affordable price.
Cons: None

*This was sent to me for free thru Influenster to review.