February 06, 2013

Girl Talk: Dealing With Heavy Flowing Periods

This is the first of my new series, Girl Talk. So let's begin with something that effects a lot of women worldwide, heavy flowing periods.

I myself have always had to deal with strong, bad, heavy flowing periods. The older I become, the worse they seem to get. I started my period when I was VERY young, 8 years old. So I have quite a few years experience on the matter, and have great tips to offer.

When it comes to heavy flow periods, there are a lot of issues that women face. These are just a few that I have put together, and some of the tips and tricks I have to offer. Feel free to comment below with any tips and tricks of your own!

Issue #1- Heavy Bleeding: Bleeding Thru Pads/Tampons
This is a problem that I faced myself. With the heavy bleeding, I felt like I was going thru 6-8 pads a day, and even leaking thru and soiling my underwear. I struggled while at work, constantly checking to make sure none of that was happening. I finally got sick of ruining my favorite clothes, and bed sheets and decided to take action. As embarrassing as it may be for some, I suggest looking into wearing disposable adult underwear while having your period. Trust me, there's no shame in it. With the disposable underwear, you can have a piece of mind when you are experiencing those heavy flows. They provide a great fit, which won't twist, and move around as pads can. They are super absorbent, and can easily be worn like normal undergarments. If you aren't comfortable with that, try checking out the overnight pads. They are longer, and provide a little extra coverage for night movements.

Issue #2- Menstrual Cramping and Pain

Sometimes the pain that comes along with our monthly friend can almost be unbearable. Here are some of my tips to help.

  1. Apply a muscle pain relieving cream, such as Bengay to your back and lower abdomen. 
  2. Try taking a complete menstrual pain reliever medicine. You can find name brand ones such as Midol, Pamprin or generic brands at most general merchandise stores. 
  3. Drink warm liquids, such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate.
  4. Apply a heat pack to your lower abdomen. Heat will help relax away your pains.

Issue #3- Working With Your Period
You can't always take a couple sick days when you have your period. So how do you work when you have an extreme period? It's easy. Slow down, and take your time. If you have to be on your feet, wear extra comfy shoes with great support. Wear clothing that isn't tight around your abdomen. If you have a physical job, take things easy. If you have to do heavy lifting, lift with your knees. If you need to, wear a support belt. It's all about doing things at your own pace. Finally, pack what I call a period pack, and have it either in a work locker, in your car, office, etc. This pack should include extra pads/tampons, Midol, and have a extra set of underwear and pants. You never know when you might bleed thru your clothing. This also can be applied when going to school as well!

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