February 12, 2013

Review: Glade Expressions Collection

Retail Price: Fragrance Mist Starter Kit- $2.99 // Oil Diffuser Starter Kit- $5.98

Website: http://www.glade.com/en-US/Collections/expressionscollection/Pages/default.aspx

Today I am going to be reviewing 2 products from the Glade Expressions line. So let's dig right in to it!

First, let's start with the fragrance mist starter kit. I got the new starter kit, which features a all new bottle design for a spray air freshener. Instead of pressing down on a button to activate the spray, you know can easily squeeze the bottle in your grip, and it releases the mist. This new squeeze bottle is essentially the starter kit part. It comes with a replaceable spray canister, which can easily be removed once product is all used up, and replaced with a new Glade Expression Fragrance Mist refill bottle. Also the plastic wrapper can easily be removed for a more chic look to the bottle. Okay, so onto what I think. I got one of the Spring 2013 limited edition scents in Vibrant Bloom. This smells amazingly good. It actually does smell like a fresh blooming exotic flower. I love it. The new design of the bottle is great, it just feels better in the hand, and easier to spray than the traditional push button sprays. I also love that these are now refillable, which means less waste. The Glade company did a wonderful job with this product!

Second item is the Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit. I got mine in the Pineapple Mangosteen scent. I was hoping to find one of the other scents, but in my local Walmart, they only had this one in stock. The diffuser kit was very easy to set up, it came in 4 pieces. Oil bottle base, 2 bamboo decorative sides , and the felt diffuser card. Simply had to take out the 2 bamboo sides, push the diffuser card into the oil bottle base, and place the bamboo sides back on. Within a hour my living room smelt like fresh fruit! I would advise only using this in large open spaces, I think it may be too powerful for a small space. I have had this going for a week now, and it is still smelling wonderfully. One diffuser is suppose to last for 30 days, so I will be doing a follow up to see how this held up! So far, I am impressed!

If you would like to purchase them yourself, they are available at your local Walmart.

Pros: Smell amazing, many scent choices, can be found at local Walmarts.
Cons: Not all stores carry all of the scents.

*This was sent to me for free thru BzzAgent to review.

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