October 04, 2013

Target Plus Size Is Pathetic

About a week ago I went shopping at one of the local Target stores in New Hampshire. Fall clothes have been rolling out, so I wanted to see what was new in the plus size department. After walking in through the doors and going past the customer service center, on the right side of the store is the women's clothing section. After walking down to the very end of the women's clothes, past maternity, tucked away in a corner next to the fitting rooms was the plus size section. I seriously wanted to laugh at how pathetic this section was. I backed up and looked down back towards the women's clothing. 90% of the women's clothing department was for regular sizes, 5% was maternity and another 5% was for plus size. Honestly I was astonished.

Just for giggles, I decided to check out and see what was being offered in the plus size section. A few summer shirts, a rack of pants/jeans, 2-3 summer maxi dresses, and a clearance section which had some clothes on it, all of which were maternity or regular sizes. That was it. I saw the entire section in under 2 minutes. Needless to say, going to this location was a total waste of my time. 

Yesterday I was running some errands in a bigger city in Maine, and decided to stop into this location to see how their plus size section stacked up. This location as I mentioned is in a much larger city, and has a higher volume of customers compared to the previous store. My hopes were high, and I was ready to see again what was new for fall. I walked in and the store was set up almost identical to the prior location. Again I found myself walking down past the women's section, and going to the end to find the plus size section. And also again there it was tucked away in the corner. They did have a few more shirts, but they were still the summer selection. Other than that, there was hardly any difference in the store. Same pitiful clothing selection. 

I really wish Target wasn't so biased on their selections. Plus size women have a harder time finding cute flattering clothes, and I never will understand why companies don't take advantage of this market. They could make a fortune if they started expanding their plus size section and opened up the doors to the full figured gals. 

Target gets 2 big thumbs down from me. I would love to hear others feedback on this topic. Does your local Target have the same situation? Or is yours better? Comment on this blog and let me know!

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