December 05, 2013

Review: Redbox Instant

Retail Price: = $8 /month

Most of us are familiar with the company Redbox. In case you are left in the dark on this one, Redbox is a company that has machines placed in stores, malls, etc that offer DVD rentals. Think of the old school VHS rentals, but more widely available, and in the form of a vending machine. That's Redbox. 

Today I will be talking about their latest service, Redbox Instant. It is a monthly $8 subscription that lets you stream movies online and thru various other electronics such as smartphones, tablets, gaming systems and smart tv's to name a few. Included in your subscription are 4 monthly DVD credits to redeem at the kiosks at a location near you. 

So, let me state first that I am a loyal Netflix customer. I have used them for years, and am quite happy with their service. So I am kind of going to be comparing Redbox Instant to Netflix in this review. 

Signing up was easy, and I was offered a free month trial, and my credit card info would be stored until the month was up, then I would start being charged the $8 a month subscription fee. Simple enough. However I still am old school and hate having to be automatically signed up for something after a free trial. How about letting me view for free, then at the end of the month, let me decide if I want to continue!

Logging in to their website was easy. I was quite pleased to see that they also offered a games section, along with the movies. That was a plus. I clicked on the movies tab, and started to browse through their selection. A majority of the movies they had were either old, or unknowns. I saw very limited new releases which is a major thumbs down. After browsing for a good 5 minutes, I had only found less than a handful of movies that I would like to watch, and reminded of some movies I hadn't seen in at least a decade or better. 

I found a old Mary Kate and Ashley movie that I somehow never saw. I clicked to play, and it took under 2 minutes for the stream to start playing. The first 30 seconds of the movie was choppy, but slowly went to proper viewing quality after. No complaints here. Average viewing experience. I have not used the kiosk to rent a DVD from Redbox. I don't have one close by, so renting a DVD for a night and having to return it the next day just wouldn't work out for me.

Overall I think that someone who wants to watch old movies might enjoy this service. But for someone who likes the oldies and recent releases, it's just not the service for you. I think if they expanded and added a good amount of newly released movies to their list, then I might change my mind. 

Pros: Easily available. Option of DVD or streaming. Games. Older movies.
Cons: Not many new releases. Boring selection of some old movies.

*This was sent to me for free thru BzzAgent to review.

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