December 31, 2014

My New Year's Resolutions | Happy New Year!

First and foremost I want to wish everyone a very safe and Happy New Year! It is really hard to believe that I am now getting 1 year closer to my 10 year high school reunion. Yikes! Time flies!

Many people this time of year share their New Years resolutions, and I wanted to do the same. For many years I have made these goals, and never really followed through with them. As I am now 26 years old, I find that I really want to start turning my life in the right direction. So why not start with 2015. 

Resolution #1 : Lose Weight. I know, I know, how stereotypical of me. But it is true. I have let my weight go for years, and haven't done much to stop it. My problem isn't eating poorly, it is lack of exercise. So my goal is to start adding a bit of daily fitness into my schedule. There is no reason why I can't take 20 minutes out of my day and put it to good use. I will probably blog my weight loss journey, so look forward to that!

Resolution #2 : Cook 1 New Dish Every Month. I want to really spice up my foods and start experimenting with the recipe books that I have stashed away. 

Resolution #3 : Update My Plus Size Fashion Wardrobe. Let's face it, my wardrobe is in dire need of a makeover. Where I live, finding affordable plus size stores is like finding a needle in a haystack. We have very few stores that cater to plus size clothing, and when they do, their clothes are beyond ugly. I'd like to start updating my closet little by little this year.

Resolution #4 :  Body Acceptance. Yes I am over weight, fat, chunky, thick, plus size, bbw, whatever you want to call it. But for as long as I can remember I haven't loved my body. I have in fact hated it. This year I want to work on accepting myself, all of me. I need to boost my confidence, and be proud of the woman I am. Every curve and all. 

Resolution #5 : Do A Project 10 Pan. I have a ton of makeup, and I think it is time that I use up what I have, before I buy anything else. So that is the goal, use up 10 products before I can buy 1 more product. 

So those are just a few of my resolutions that I am setting for myself this year. What are your resolutions? Tell me below in the comments! I'd love to know!

I'll see you all in 2015!

December 28, 2014

MaskIT Products - Easy Disposal of Feminine Products | Review

Getting rid of your used feminine products can be a problem. Most women have done it the same way since maturity; half a roll of toilet paper later and the evidence is still evident in the waste basket. Not to mention the odor that the toilet paper cannot mask. Well fret no more! With this new innovation, you can be sure that your cycle stays under wraps. 
MaskIT is a specially designed patent-pending product that offers a practical & sanitary solution for the disposal of soiled feminine hygiene items. Its puppet-like function & pocket technology make it simple to grasp a used pad or tampon while protecting the hand. With a unique inversion process these items are then enclosed & sealed within a small pouch that prevents leaking and blocks smells.

Keep Your Cycle Under Wraps!
Made with Certified Compostable Biofilm & Manufactured in the USA
Find out more about this new earth-friendly product at
Available at select retailers and on

The product is perfect for everyone at home or on the go, & makes things easier than ever for the girls who love the outdoors!  Pack it in, Pack it out, no problem now that you can MaskIT!

- FOR PADS- These are fantastic to have around, and make dealing with the monthly friend so much easier. I like to keep a box in my work bag and use them when I am at work. When I use a pad, I don't want to bring the wrapper with me, because that is just a dead giveaway. So instead I keep these where I can grab one, go to the bathroom and easily discard my pad without any mess, or anyone seeing anything.

The pouches are nicely sized, and I can easily fit my hand inside the pouch, grab the pad, and turn it inside out. Then I simply remove the sticky strip, and seal it closed. It makes using pads so much easier and much cleaner which I love.

-FOR TAMPONS- Along with trying the MaskIT pouches for pads, I also tried these ones for tampons. As with the pads, it made cleaning up so much easier, mess free, and sanitary. I really like this for tampons because as all of us ladies know, they can get messy. After removing your tampon, place your fingers in the pouch and grab onto the soiled product, flip the bag inside out, and seal it closed. All the yucky things will be inside the bag, along with the mess and odor. You can toss it away right there, or if you are at a place where you cannot dispose of it right away, you can dispose of it later. Great if you are out on the go.

I used to never reach for tampons because they were so messy, but now with MaskIT, I feel better about using them!

Also visit their forum at and join other ladies in great conversation!

Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

December 26, 2014

My Stationery Must Haves featuring Minted

I am a sucker for beautiful stationery. Whether it be art pieces for my wall or note cards to keep in touch with friends and family, I absolutely love it. The other day I stumbled upon Minted, an online stationery store that features the work of independent artists. The more I browsed through their website, the more I fell in love. So many types of products, with so many stunning works of art and designs. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite finds on, and products that I gotta have! I have gone through and chosen my absolute favorite product from each of their sections: Holiday, Gifts, Weddings, Baby & Kids, Paperie, and Party Decor. Minted offers so many wonderful stationery products it was almost impossible to pick just 1 for each category, but I somehow managed!

Christmas is over now, and the next big holiday I'm looking forward to is Valentines Day. I took a peek through their Valentines Day cards, and I found so many that I wanted, but my favorite is the Confetti Valentines Day Postcard. I like all of the spaces available to share photos, and the colors compliment each other so well.

Okay, this section took me forever to pick out my favorite, but I finally found the one that represented me, and is something that I would love to have hanging in my home. It is the Maine Love Location map gift. If you don't already know, I am a born and raised Mainer, and Maine will forever have a big piece of my heart no matter where I go. Being able to take sentimental photos of mine, and have them pieced together to create my home state is truly amazing. Below is a sample of the piece unframed, however Minted offers a beautiful selection of frames in various styles.
Alright, let's pretend that I am getting married! Ooo this is getting fun! With that big day coming, I'm going to need to invite some guests! I want to have my invitations set the tone for my wedding... classic, elegant, but still simple. This Winter Flourish Wedding Invitation would be perfect! It has a beautiful pop of color, but not too over the top. The fonts are stunning, but yet still easily able to be read. And because I'm such the busy bride to be, I can easily order matching rsvp cards, direction cards, thank you cards and more all right on Minted!

Well, the wedding is over and now I have a beautiful baby to announce to the world! I know that I will want to share as many cute photos with my friends and family, so this Dearest Birth Announcement allows me to share a few photos, along with the babys name, birthdate, time of birth, and birth weight. Beautiful baby colors to choose from, so you're not just stuck with the classic pink or blue.

This section also took me a while to pick out a favorite. But I went with something that I could use, and would help me pass along the word of my blog, business cards. However I believe business cards should stand out, and be eye catching. To do this I chose the Chic Black and Gold Foil-Pressed Business Cards. They stand out without being too over the top, or looking cheesy. The foil glistens and catches the light, which draws in attention to the card, and my information.

Alright, best for last. When I was checking out this section, I immediately found something that I thought was so cool, and had to check out. With social media being all the rage, and everyone taking their own photos at every event, why not have your very own photo backdrop? Whether you are having a party and want a place for your guests to take photos, or if you are taking your own photos at home and want to add a bit of a professional touch to them, this is exactly what you need! A Season for Stripes photo backdrop features a beautiful holiday pattern, along with Happy Holidays written at the top. This is something I need for next years Christmas cards for sure. I could take my photos in front of this backdrop, print them, and be done. No editing needed, no adding backgrounds or text. Everything I'd need is right there. Plus if I have a holiday party, my guests could use it as a backdrop for their own photos to share on social media! As always Minted offers a complete matching set of party items, so you can get everything you need.

Finally while you are at Minted, check out their Art Marketplace. You can find beautiful pieces of artwork, by very talented artists from all over the world. One of my favorites is Blush by Sonal Nathwani from Vienna, Austria.

Minted offers so many types of products, it honestly took me hours to go over all of their items, and pick out my favorites. I found so many things that I fell in love with, many of which I didn't get to share with you on here, but I just wanted to give you a brief overview of what Minted offers. Head over to their website and find your favorites!

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December 23, 2014

Bee Sili Silicone Oil & Sauce Bottle & Basting Brush | Review

  • Durable, break resistant, long lasting oil and vinegar bottle brush
  • Bee Eco Friendly - BPA Free * FDA approved food grade silicone * Reusable
  • Bee Healthy - Serve & store oil, vinegar, light liquid sauces * Use just what you need and limit calories
  • Bee Happy - Weary of oil sprayers that clog? * Fill, Pour, Baste & Store light liquids in convenient silicone dispenser for later use * No clogging!
  • Bee Risk Free - Love using your Bee Sili Super Silicone Basting Bottle Brush & Food Storage Container or get a 100% refund!

This is a must have in my kitchen now! I like to cook with olive oil quite often, and I really like infusing flavors into my olive oil. I can take this bottle, fill it up with my olive oil, add in my herbs and spices and let it sit in there until I need it. That's when it becomes super handy. When I want to pour on some of the oil, I just take off the plastic cap and pour some out. Put the cap back on and I'm done. If I need to brush the oil on I can then remove the cap covering the bristles and brush on the oil. Super easy and handy.

In addition to olive oil, I have actually also used this with BBQ sauce. Fill it up with the sauce, and take it out with you to the grill. Having the brush attached is very convenient, plus since the brush has a cover, it is also mess free! The brush cover is fantastic because it keeps this a bit more sanitary and also allows you to stand your bottle upright.

This is a huge hit in my household, and it is being used on a weekly basis! Love it!

Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

December 22, 2014

Paula Dorf Lip Color Cream in Legend | My Holiday Red Lip

Now that the holidays are in full swing and I have a few parties coming up, I will be rocking the classic and beloved red lip. I love the timeless look it gives, and just makes me feel super feminine. I am the type of person that has a hard time finding lip colors that suit me, so red is my go to. I have a handful of red lipsticks in my collection, however I tend to have some issues with them. Either they are way too pigmented and it is just too much for my skin tone, or the lipsticks are super drying. Normally I have to sheer out the lipstick, and mix it with a tad bit of balm or gloss to keep it from being so dry. That can be a pain. Thankfully I now have a new lipstick in my collection that combines just the right pigmentation, with just the right formula.

The Paula Dorf Lip Color Cream in Legend is a classic red lipstick. Think Marilyn Monroe red lip. It has a very good pigmentation, but isn't screaming red. It is far from being sheer, but you can put on 1 coat and be good to go. If you want something a bit more bolder, then a 2nd coat would do the trick. It has a nice formulation, not too dry and not too glossy. It doesn't settle into fine lines and doesn't feather. Amazing right? It stays on my lips for a good 6 hours, and even longer if I prime my lips. I simply cover my lips with my foundation, and then apply. Plus not only is the color of the lipstick gorgeous, but so is the packaging. I have to say that the tube design is probably one of my top 5 favorites. Simply beautiful. 

To apply, I found it best to use a brush as I do with all of my red lipsticks. If you want a super sharp, clean lip line, then you can also apply concealer around the outside of your lips after applying your lipstick. One thing to remember is a red lip is a statement. Keep your eye makeup simple, a classic cat eye using black eye liner is always gorgeous. Also subtle brown shades of eye shadow are stunning as well. 

Valentines Day will be creeping up on us soon, so if you are looking for the perfect red lipstick to rock, check out Paula Dorf Lip Color Cream in Legend. You can save 20% off any Paula Dorf Lip Color Cream by using code "LIPCOLOR". 


Smarty Pants Supplies Zester / Grater | Review

#1 Zester - Best Premium Zester Grater - Ideal for Cheese, all Citrus Fruits, Chocolate, Cinnamon & Spices, and much more! Create Citrus Zest in Seconds and Effortlessly Grate Even the Hardest Cheese! Sharp Stainless Steel Blade

Add Amazing Flavor and Zest to Your Meals in Seconds! 
Effortlessly turn your meals into masterpieces with the Best Premium Zester Grater!
Picture yourself whipping up delicious, flavor-packed meals that please the whole family - and no hassle with messy cleanup. 

Use your Zester to ...
- Grate Parmesan cheese over soups and salads
- Add chocolate garnish to a chocolate-drizzled angel food cake
- Mince hot peppers to make a spicy guacamole for game day
- Grate lemons, limes, and oranges to add zest to pesto sauce, dressing, pound cake, and more
- Create an enticing marinade for seafood, chicken, and meat

And the best part is, the Best Premium Zester Grater is safe, easy-to-use, and a breeze to clean up!
- Super thick handle for a safe, comfortable grip - it just "feels right"!
- Extra long, 8 inch stainless steel blade means your zest is the perfect length every time!
- Toss it into the dishwasher when you're done for easy clean up!
- Durable, built-to-last design is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Prior to this, I have only ever had the large size cheese graters in my home. When I needed to grate something like a lemon peel, or chocolate I would end up with still fairly large chunks. Since the holiday season is here, I am busy doing my holiday baking and I have had to really put this to use over the past 2 weeks. And it has made me proud!

I have used this to zest a orange peel, lemon peel, grate chocolate, and cheese. First I will say that it is easy to hold and offers a great grip. It is fairly long, so I have plenty of work room and I can get the job done very quickly. Zesting the fruits took no time at all. The chocolate bar was my favorite to use. I use it to garnish off hot chocolate as well as baked goods and it just took my dish to a whole new level. Looked very professional and fabulous. I also used this with a small block of parmesan cheese to grate over pasta. Oh my goodness, there is nothing better than fresh parmesan cheese!

This is definitely a great tool to have in the kitchen. I am very happy with this zester / grater!


Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

Yoga Design Lab Zoto Insulated Water Bottle | Review



DOUBLE-WALLED STAINLESS STEEL: Designed to keep liquids hot or cold for 12+ hours! Ideal for refreshing cool water during your practice, or keeping that tea or coffee hot on a freezing day.
FREE FROM BPA AND OTHER HARMFUL TOXINS: Certified free from BPA, phthalates, hormones, lead, and other harmful toxins.
EASY SIPPING TECHNOLOGY and SAFETY LOCK: Designed to allow the perfect amount of liquid to pass through sipping area - no spills! Safety lock prevents accidental openings.


I have used many water bottles in my lifetime, and this honestly has to be one of my favorites. Beautifully designed, sleek look, and super functional!

I have this in the 12 oz size, and it is perfect for me to take with me to work, working out, or just to have around. It has a great safety lock on the lid so it won't open and spill everywhere which is fabulous and something I haven't seen on any of my other water bottles. You flip down one piece, and then push in a button to open the cap. Nothing is going to spill out of this baby! It has a nice designed spout for easy pouring and drinking.

I use this with both hot and cold beverages, and because it is double walled, it keeps the beverage temperature either hot or cold for hours. Most of my water bottles are cold beverages only, so again that's a plus for me. I have used this on occasion to hold a hot soup that I wanted to have while travelling, but didn't want to carry anything too bulky.

My one and only issue with this is that it can be tricky to clean unless you have the right tools. I have a skinny sponge that comes with a handle, so I can easily fit that inside the bottle and clean it. However cleaning it with a dish towel, or normal sponge can be a bit challenging.

I am super happy with this water bottle, and I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about purchasing this, to go for it. 

*Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

December 19, 2014

Snuggle #CraftyPaws Holiday Dryer Sheets Box Craft | #contestentry

Many of you already know that I am a member of the Snuggle Bear Den Community. It's a fun place where I get to connect with the Snuggle brand, and do all sorts of fun missions. If you are interested in joining, you can do so HERE.

The latest mission I am doing with Snuggle is a very fun and creative one. The challenge was to create a holiday themed decoration or craft using the Snuggle dryer sheets box that was kindly provided complimentary. At first I was thinking about making a decoration, but I wanted to really take it to the next step and decided to get a bit crafty!

When I first joined the Snuggle Bear Den Community months ago, I was able to do a mission where I was sent one of the legendary stuffed animal Snuggle bears. I wanted to work him into this, so I cut off the top lid of the dryer sheet box, and Snuggle Bear fit right inside it perfectly. Right away I knew what I was going to create... a Christmas sleigh for my Snuggle Bear. About 4 hours of total work, and my creation was complete! I couldn't be happier how it turned out, especially being my first shot!

If you are interested in how I did this, below is a brief summary of the steps and items used!

What I Used:
-Snuggle Dryer Sheet Box (removed dryer sheets)
-Cardboard Box
-Toilet paper tube
-Card stock paper
-Scissors and box cutter (ask a parent for help with these!)
-Puffy paint and nail polish
-Green food coloring

For this craft, I used ONLY items that I had around my house. If you make this, feel free to get creative and add your own spins on this! If you don't have the same items I used, don't worry, just modify it however you can! 

To create the sleigh, I simply cut off the opening flap of the snuggle box. I measured out cardboard pieces that would be long enough for the sides of the sleigh, and drew the shape of the sleigh that I wanted. Once I had those cut, I taped them onto the sides of the sleigh. Next I cut out a piece of cardboard that would cover the back of the sleigh. I kept this roughly the same height as the top curve of the sleigh. For the front of the sleigh, I did the same as the back piece, except I made sure that this piece was a bit taller so I could curl it over and have that typical front shape that you associate with sleighs. The outer shape of the sleigh should be complete!

I wanted to make it look like there was a seat in the sleigh, so I took a toilet paper tube, and taped that in on the back of the sleigh. Because the tube is obviously hollow, I taped down 2 pieces of card stock paper on each end to cover that. I used my scissors to trim up the edges to make the paper flush with the cardboard. 

For the skis, I took 2 longer pieces of cardboard and put them on top of each other. Using my pencil, I sketched out the design I wanted for the skis. Carefully using a box cutter, I cut out the design on the cardboard. If you cut them both together, your skis will be identical and look that much better. I then measured where I wanted to place them, and taped them on. Sleigh is done!

I searched around my home and found some puffy paints, and used red to create the classic Christmas sleigh color. For the skis, I used black nail polish, then covered it with a silver glitter nail polish to create that metal look. 

I used white tissue paper, and a used Snuggle dryer sheet to put in the seat of the sleigh to break up the color, and make it look a bit more comfy and plush! I took another used Snuggle dryer sheet, and dip dyed it in some green food coloring to give my Snuggle Bear a blanket. 

I was happy with this, but I knew my sleigh was missing something... presents! I took some of the scraps of cardboard I had left over, and cut them into different box shapes, and colored them using markers. I also cut out a circle piece and make that into a basketball. To add detail to these, I used my puffy paint to create ribbons and bows on the boxes, and used black to paint on the lines you see on a basketball.

That's it! You can take pieces of this idea and make it into your own craft! It is super fun, and I enjoyed it! You can make this with your kids, give it away as a gift, or enjoy it around your home!

I want to thank the Snuggle Bear Den for letting me be apart of this fun mission!

December 15, 2014

Sunlabz 8 Bay/Slot AA AAA Ni-MH Ni-Cd LCD Fast Charger Smart Battery Charger | Review

  • -LCD equipped Smart Charger for 1-8 cells AA/AAA NIMH/NICD rechargeable batteries 
  • -Advanced IC/Delta-V (Δ-v) control function
  • -Over heating, over Current and Short Circuit protection. Defective battery detection
  • -8 Individual Charging Channels. LCD screen indicates individual charging status
  • -Input: 12V - 1000mA || Output: AA1.2V x 8 - 500mA / AAA 1.2Vx8 - 250 mA

I use rechargeable batteries for just about everything in my home. Cheaper, greener and just more convenient I find. I have a popular brand name battery charger and batteries. While that one is ok, I can only charge 4 batteries at a time. So if many are low, I have to let the first set charge, then switch, let the second set charge, and so on. Since this one by SunLabz holds 8 bays, I can charge my batteries up in half the time!

I let all of my brand name batteries go dead in the items I use them in. I put them all on the charger and let them charge away. I love the LCD screen. It shows each battery and each bay has a number, 1 through 8. Each battery is shown on the screen, shows how much of a charge it has and the progress. I did have a fully defect battery that I put in this just to see what would happen then. The bay that this one was in, bay #4 was blanked out. So it did detect the problem battery. Charge time was on par with my name brand 4 slot battery charger, so I was quite impressed.

I am super thrilled with this charger, and as I write this review, I have some batteries charging up! I love it, great for those who are full rechargeable battery users, it makes the task of charging them all up so much quicker!

Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

Adeline Organic Eye Serum | Review

Have crow's feet, fine lines, discoloration, brown spots, dark circles, or puffiness around your eyes added years to your appearance?
Dull, wrinkled, discolored, or puffy skin around your eyes can make you appear years or even decades older than you really are. Who wants that?
Our eye serum can reverse the signs of aging, giving you a more vibrant, youthful appearance.
Why choose our Organic Eye Serum? Because it works!
We've chosen only the most effective, natural ingredients to help you restore your youthful appearance:
+ Cucumber extract, like other extracts in the aloe family, moisturizes your skin to diminish lines and wrinkles.
+ Chamomile extract soothes the skin around your eyes and reduces puffiness.
+ Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice improves collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crow's feet.
+ Sunflower seed oil contains antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E to prevent free radical damage, and fatty acids to prevent premature aging and promote new cell growth.
+ Usa Urvi leaf extract is a natural source of hydroquinone - reduces inflammation and the appearance of brown spots.
Even Great for Sensitive Skin
Our serum is gentle and natural-We produce and package our product in a FDA-Certified facility. Organic Eye Serum is alcohol-free and paraben-free!
Just once a day is all it takes!
Just apply Organic Eye Serum before bed and let it work while you sleep!

I am in my mid twenties, and I recently started noticing that I have dark circles. I never used to have any, so I really wasn't sure how to go about dealing with it. I have been using this serum for about a month now, and I have some pretty nice results so far.

I have mild darkening of the skin under my eyes, not enough where I need to use concealer, but enough to make me notice them. I use this in the morning during my skincare routine. A little goes a long way for me. The serum has a nice light cucumber scent which I really enjoy. Its very soothing and calming. As I said I have been using this for about a month. I have noticed that the darker areas are becoming less visible and my eye area just looks much more awake and bright. I cannot comment about how this works with wrinkles since I don't have any thankfully!

I am currently still using this, and look forward to seeing what results I reach after using a whole bottle.

Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.