January 09, 2014

My Hautelook Experience: Got Free Shoes!

Website: http://www.hautelook.com/short/3zRLT

Many of you have probably already heard about Hautelook. It has been around for a few years now, gained massive popularity on YouTube and blogs, and also has recently been seen with television ads. But in case you have yet to hear of this company, let me give you a little info. Hautelook is a online based company that hosts daily sale events with different brands. The sales are always well discounted, so it's a great way to nab some bargains.

I had heard quite a lot about Hautelook, and checked their site often for some deals, but never made the step in doing a first purchase. On "Cyber Monday" December 2, 2013 I went on just to see what sort of deals were going on, and possible grab some Christmas gifts. First, there was a promotion going on for free shipping, with no minimum purchase. There was a Lorac event going on selling different cosmetic items, including a mini palette for $8. So for that price, and the free shipping, I couldn't pass it up as it would make the perfect gift for someone. I check out, and I receive a email a few minutes later confirming my order. I look and the expected delivery date was no later than December 23, 2013. That was fine with me, arriving just in time for Christmas. So a few weeks go by, and I check my account often for any updates, but nothing. No emails. No line of communication what so ever. On Dec 22nd or 23rd I decide to contact Hautelook using their online live chat support. Took about 20 minutes to reach someone because there was quite a long queue. Finally I got on with a rep, and told them I wanted to find out some updates with my order since it had yet to arrive. The rep looked it up, and told me that there was a delay, my order was processing to ship and sadly my order would not be arriving in time. So generously the rep put a $20 credit into my Hautelook account since my Christmas gift would not be arriving for Christmas. The rep said that the item should be getting ready to ship soon, and I'd hear from Hautelook with a shipping confirmation when it does. That again was fine with me. I was impressed with their customer service, and the credit helped ease the pain.

A few days go by, and I still have no communication from Hautelook, so again I go onto the live chat support. I talk to another rep, and they looked up my order, and said that it was preparing to be shipped, and it would most likely be arriving soon. Again, customer service was amazing, very friendly and helpful. A day later I check my email, and finally there is on from Hautelook about my order. I open it up, and read a letter stating that my order had been cancelled, my money would be fully refunded, and that a $5 credit would be added to my account due to the fact there was lack of product. At this point, I was pretty upset with Hautelook. Being my first time using this company, the first impression wasn't well at all. I now had $25 worth of credits to use with a company I had 0 trust and faith in. Beautiful.

A few days later just for fun, I went into the Nordstrom Rack for Hautelook section and went to look at womens shoes. They had a pretty big shoe blowout sale going on, and I ended up finding a pair of wedges for $12. I decided to order them, and give Hautelook another shot. I had the $25 credit on my account, so when I checked out, it automatically applied it to my order, which with shipping and tax came to $20 and change. So my credit covered the price 100%. Therefore the shoes would also be 100% free to me. I did not have to pay a single penny for these.

Immediately I had a confirmation email sent to me, and about a day or 2 later, a email confirmation letting me know that my shoes had been shipped, along with a UPS tracking number. Today, Jan 9, 2014 my shoes arrived, and I am quite pleased. I will be doing a sneak peek in my next blog, so stay tuned for that.

Overall, I'd suggest checking Hautelook out, they do have some killer deals. But I would warn you not to order around major holidays, it seems that they get overloaded, and lose track of just how much inventory will be available.

So my question to you, have you ever ordered from Hautelook? How was your experience? What did you buy?

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  1. I have been buying from Hautelook for over two years now and there was only a few times they could not fulfill my order. The last time was a few months ago when I ordered a pair of shoes as a gift for someone. They gave me a 15 dollar credit for my trouble and shortly after I ordered a pair of black pearl earrings and only had to pay the shipping.