February 20, 2014

Chat: The Flu Has Struck And Thank You!

Well, after going most of the winter without catching the nasty flu viruses that have been running wild here in New England, one flu bug finally caught up with me.

I am lucky that I had a mini vacation anyways, so I have 4 days off from work which is fantastic. But it looks like I will be spending those days snuggling up to a box of tissues and getting cozy with cough drops. I am sort of bummed because I did have some blogs lined up that I wanted to post up for this weekend, but it looks like those will have to wait until yours truly is all better! Once I can breathe and type at the same time, you will see those blogs going up. Keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed that possibly by Saturday I will be feeling a wee bit better!

Also, I'd just like take a minute and thank 2 groups of people. The first being the lovely people who are starting to follow me on Bloglovin. I had been searching for a while to find a place that hosted "followers" but also included content that I loved and would fit in with. Bloglovin has been that place. I am not new to the whole blogging world, I have had a few websites running beforehand. But with CWL, it meant something more to me, more personal. I wanted to take this blog and run with it. And I want to thank all of those who have been checking it out, following, commenting, and liking my posts. xo

Second, I would like to thank some of the companies that have been reaching out to me to do some product testing and reviews. I am very grateful and thankful for your consideration, and looking to me to represent your company and products. I look forward to working with even more wonderful companies, and again send a huge amount of appreciation to those who already have given me a shot!

I hope you all have a wonderful end of the week!

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