March 21, 2014

How To: Post A Amazon Review Using Tomoson

This is just a really quick how to blog for those fellow bloggers who use the website Tomoson.

Numerous times companies who are offering review opportunities need a Amazon review more so than a blog style review. Totally understandable since Amazon is a great website for companies to sell their items. The issue is Tomoson requires us bloggers to create a blog post, and in order to have our review verified, we have to include 2 sets of codes into our post.

So you are probably wondering how in the heck do I do this? Here is my method that I have used that satisfies both Tomoson and the product company.

1. Take a few photos of the product, you using the product, or even film a video if you like of the product. Or you can use the photos the company provides. Your choice.

2. Go to the products Amazon page and write up your full review there. Be as detailed as you would be if you were posting this on your blog. Before you hit submit, select all of your text and copy it.

3. Once your review is accepted and published through Amazon, you will get an email from Amazon with a direct link to your review. Save this email, and proceed to the next step.

4. Create a blog post like you normally would with a review. Add in the top code that Tomoson requires. Then simply paste the text that you posted on Amazon into your blog post. Then add in the bottom code Tomoson requires. Save as normal. Once you have your blog post link, submit it to Tomoson.

5. Go back to your email and copy the link to your Amazon review onto your blog. Now go back into Tomoson, and send a message to the company you are doing the review for. Send them your Amazon review link.

6. You are done. Tomoson gets their blog post, and the company gets their Amazon review!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me either in the comments below, or on any of my social media sites.


  1. Awesome! Thank you so much! With this post I was able to follow it to the letter and successfully post my reviews and have my blog post verifed by tomoson! Thank so much ^_^

  2. I just write my reivew on my blog and post a snippet of the review on