March 19, 2014

Product Reviewing / Product Testing / Sampling Sites

If you are looking to become a product reviewer / product tester, I'm sure you have run into many websites online offering these services. When I started looking into product testing, I would find companies who offer it, but I really didn't know if it was legit, or what others thought. I found a few bloggers who had graciously shared their list of websites that they used for product reviewing. So now that I have my own blog established, I'd like to pay it forward sorta speak, and share my list with you all. Please be aware that some of the links are affiliate links.

I will actively update this list, and keep the information current every few months or so. Also, I will grade each site using the 5 star system. The more stars, the better they are! Please note that these ratings may change as I use these sites more and more!









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