March 11, 2014

Product Tester 101: How To Get Started

Although this blog may be on the newer side, I have been doing product testing and reviewing for years. I see a lot of people looking to get into this, but not really sure where to turn, or what to do. So therefore I am starting this Product Tester 101 series. I will share my experiences, tips and tricks to help you out!

#1- Establish a blog. Running a blog is fairly simple, and fool proof. Platforms such as Blogger and WordPress make it easy for you to set up your own space on the internet. Signing up is super easy and usually you can be set up with your new blog in minutes! Having your own blog is essential in the product testing and product reviewing world. Companies look to you as a tester to try out their item, and then give your feedback. With a blog, you can share your experience, photos, demos, etc with the world. You have the power to spread word about the company, and bring in more sales. Having a blog is also helpful in getting more companies to consider you as a tester/reviewer. They like to look back at your prior reviews, and blog posts to get a feel for you and your blogging style. If they like what they see, then you can bet that you will be getting offers!

#2- Create your own custom domain name. This will cost you maybe $10-$20 a year, but is well worth it. A custom domain name is "www . yoursitenamehere .com". This domain name gives a professional edge. It also is like claiming your stake in part of the internet!

#3- Create social media and email accounts. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are probably the top 3 that will really help you in reaching out to users. You can use social media to create your blog following, thus meaning more readers! I also highly recommend creating a email address strictly for your blogging/testing business. Using a business email helps you stay organized and keeps the business side of things separate from your personal emails.

#4- Join product reviewing websites. Places such as BzzAgent and Influenster are a great way for "newbies" to start out and learn the industry of product testing. These websites connect bloggers with companies, but they serve as the middle man and do all of the work for you sort of speak. They will tell you what is required by the company in order to try the products out for free. Start here with your reviews and testing, and blog about all of the products you get to try. This will almost serve as a portfolio for you when companies check out your blog to see what you have done in past works.

#5- Only review items that really pertain to you and your family. If a product just isn't for you, then don't agree to test it. Kindly decline and let someone who really could use the item properly do so. Good karma!

#6- Buy and review products on your own. Next time you go to the store and pick up a new shampoo, take some photos of it, and after you use it a few times, share your thoughts on your blog. As I said before, your blog is your portfolio. Build it!

I will be posting the next piece of this series soon so stay tuned! If you have any questions, comment below!

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