March 17, 2014

Review: Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic Frying Pan

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I am always on the lookout for new kitchen essentials that can make cooking faster and easier. The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri has both of those qualities. I have had the chance to give this frying pan a try in my kitchen, and I must say that I am highly impressed with my cooking results.

When the frying pan arrives, it comes nicely packaged with plenty of protection during shipment. The cardboard box the pan comes in has a lot of useful information printed on all sides which I highly recommend reading before using. Once opening it, there was also a double sided paper with detailed instructions on how to season the pan, proper way to use it, and its construction. Again super helpful, and a must read to ensure you understand how this pan works.

First thing I did was season the pan according to directions. A small amount of vegetable oil around the pan, wiping away the excess, and heating it on the stove for a few minutes. This allows the oil to polymerize to the pans surface. Super easy to do, and was completed in less than 5 minutes.

I read the information and it stated that unlike most frying pans that we are used to, this one works more efficiently and requires a lower heat setting than normal. I will say that they are 100% correct about this. For my first kitchen test, I decided to make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. The pan I have is 8" in size, which makes the perfect sized pancake. I added a little oil to the pan and put the burner on medium high setting. Within minutes I could smell the pancake burning. So I tried again, lowered the heat to a low medium range, and cooked it. It took less time on the low setting with this pan than with a medium high setting on my other fry pans. I used a plastic spatula to flip the pancake, which is important because scratching is a no no! Flipping the pancake was a lil tricky since I am not used to smaller sized fry pans, but I eventually got the hang of it without creating a mess. After I was finished cooking I allowed the pan to cool completely before washing it. Cleaning up the pan was easy as can be. Nothing stuck on. Please note that I have taken pictures of both of these dishes I made using this pan below!

The next evening I wanted to try it with a meat, so I made up a grilled style chicken breast. Again, lightly added some oil, and put the heat on a medium setting. And yet again the cooking time went so much faster than normal. Within about 5 minutes my chicken was completely cooked, I flipped it in between this time frame. After cooling, I washed it, and it was easy to clean, although I did have to apply a little more pressure to clean off some of the seasonings that had burnt onto the pan. No big hassle though.

As far as the look of the pan, there is only really 1 thing that I am not a huge fan of... the color. Shallow I know haha! It is a bright lime green, which is nice, but it doesn't match much of my standard kitchen decor. Is it really a problem? Not really. But I think some options in color would be nice. The handle is a very nice and easy to grip black silicone. What I love about this pan is that it has no harmful chemicals unlike many other non stick fry pans. In essence, there really isn't anything to complain about!

I highly recommend trying this Green Earth Pan by Ozeri. I look forward to using mine for many upcoming yummy dishes!
Back view of the box.
Side information panel.

Top view of the frying pan.

Close up to show the textured cooking surface.

Bottom of the pan.

Silicone black handle.

Making a pancake.

Pancake made using Ozeri Green Earth Fry Pan.

Chicken breast made using Ozeri Green Earth Fry Pan.
*This product was sent to me complimentary for review purposes.* 

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