May 30, 2014

Review: Next Step FIt N Full Protein Shake


I got this Next Step Fit N Full Shake set in my Influenster GoVoxBox. I was quite excited to try this since I have yet to jump on the shake bandwagon!

I was graciously sent the Jaxx Shaker Cup, 3 sample packets of the shake in French Vanilla, Swiss Chocolate, and Fresh Berries.

To use, you simply take your shaker, fill it up with 8 ounces (1 cup) of water and add the shake mix. Shake well, and your drink is ready! Inside the shaker cup is a piece that looks just like a jaxx, and this makes combining the water and powder mix easier. For the first shake, I used water to make my shake. And while it tasted alright, for the next shakes I used low-fat milk instead. I will break down each shake flavor and tell you exactly what I thought. I have also linked each flavor for easy reference to nutritional facts, info and other user reviews!

French Vanilla- I made this one with water as directed. It tasted alright. I really wished it was a bit more vanilla flavored, it was kinda mild tasting to me. When I first opened the packet it had the smell of a sugar cookie, which I was really hoping it would taste like. Either way, it wasn't too bad, and I would drink it again.

Swiss Chocolate- Oh my goodness. This one tasted fantastic! I made this one with milk, and I swear it was like I was drinking a milk shake from a ice cream shoppe. The flavor was rich and flavorful. Definitely a nice chocolate kick. Would totally drink this one again!

Fresh Berries- 2 big thumbs down from me. I made this one with milk, and just didn't find the flavor appealing to me. Now I should say that I in general don't like strawberry flavored milk, or any sort of things like that, so this could just be my own personal taste buds. It kinda tasted a bit medicine like to me, and I just couldn't tolerate drinking it. This one got poured down the drain. I wouldn't drink this one again.

So overall the flavors were pretty good, only 1 didn't work for me. Using the Next Step Fit N Full shake to replace a meal for me wasn't to hard. I drank these for breakfast, and would remain full for about 3 hours. So if you are looking into protein shakes, check out this out! 

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