May 30, 2014

Review: Playtex® Sport® Fresh Balance™ Tampons


So in this review, we are going to get a bit serious and talk about periods. If this is a touchy subject for you, then I suggest checking out one of my other blog posts! 

Ok ladies, lets chat. We deal with our periods, and generally have 2 options to choose from when it comes to absorbing up the mess.... pads or tampons. Personally myself, I always struggled using tampons. I could always feel them while they were up yonder, and it would just irritate me. So I stuck to pads, which are comfortable, but can get super messy at times. 

I was sent the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons in my Influenster GoVoxBox and really was ready to write them off. I have tried all sorts of tampons, from all sorts of brands, and never found any that didn't irritate me. But I figured what the heck, I might as well try it. So I did. 

They come individually wrapped in a plastic which you can use later to dispose of the tampon. The plastic applicator is very soft and flexible, and thin. This made insertion very comfortable. The tampon itself was actually smaller than what I expected, but low and behold it did the job. No leaks at all! And because of it's size, it felt a lot more comfortable and non irritating. Of course I could still feel it, but it wasn't anything near my past experiences with tampons. They are lightly scented which I was concerned about, but no irritation at all!

Overall I am impressed with these lil babies, and I will be keeping these on stock for future use!

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