May 04, 2014

Review: Sweet Stevia Gold Liquid Drops (Gluten Free)

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.



Upon trying this, I had heard of Stevia, but had never tried it. Being a person who is on a weight loss journey, this is something that I was really eager to try.

The smell of this straight out the bottle very much reminded me of pure vanilla extract, it has that alcohol scent to it. As far as when it is in your food and drinks, I honestly didn't taste any significant flavor to it. I used this primarily in beverages to sweeten them, and replace the sugar I would normally use with them. Mixing this with lemonade, iced tea, and kool-aid type of drinks was fine, I didn't taste much of a difference than if I had used sugar, and the sweetness was there. I did try this with coffee, and it did take a few minutes to adjust to the flavor, but overall it wasn't bad. Its like drinking a cola all of your life and switching to a diet cola. Does it serve the purpose? Yes. Does it taste identical? No.

It says on the label that this can be used in cooking and baking, but I had a issue with knowing just how much I should use. So I instead added this to some whipped cream frosting/topping I was making for a pie. I was able to sample the sweetness of the frosting and adjust it to the right taste I was looking for. Overall it came out pretty good. A lot less calories and sugars than if I had used the regular sugar in the recipe.

There was really only 3 things that I did not like about this Sweet Stevia Gold. The first being the alcohol flavor that you can taste when using more of the drops. Some people in my family could really pick up on the flavor and didn't really like it. Others couldn't taste it at all. I guess it depends on each persons taste. Next, the after taste when using larger amounts was not great, but it mostly made my mouth feel very dry. And the 3rd thing was not knowing how much to use in certain situations. If you are using this to make some big batches, or large quantities rather than a single serving or personal size of whatever drink/food, its tricky to know just how much to use. How much does 1 drop of this equal to sugar tablespoons? A guide would be fantastic especially for those of us who are new to the whole Stevia thing.

Overall I do like this, and like I said, being on a diet I look for anything that will not use up my daily calories and yet still do the job. This is something that I am going to have to experiment with and find out just how much I need for whatever it is I am using it in. I would recommend giving it a try, it makes cutting calories a lot easier, and you can still enjoy that lil bit of sweetness!

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