July 01, 2014

The Pee Pocket Review + Giveaway!

As women, there are so many wonderful things we can do... except for 1. Pee standing up. Every woman, whether she will admit it or not has always at least once in her lifetime wanted the same luxury men have and go to the bathroom while standing. Us girls have all been there when there is no proper toilet around, so we have to get back in touch with nature. Squatting is a pain in the rear. It's not fun in the least. Or there are those times when you might find a toilet, but it's a bit yucky. The last thing we wanna do is sit down on a germ infested toilet seat. Thankfully now us girls can have the freedom that men have, by using The Pee Pocket!

The Pee Pocket is a single use, water proof funnel that is shaped to contour to the vagina. You simply place it under your female parts making sure you're covered by the funnel, and well... let it rip! Each Pee Pocket comes with a tissue wipe and disposable bag for your convince. 

So, let's have a woman to woman chat here about how The Pee Pocket worked for me. First let me say that I have a new found respect for men. I always thought they had it easy going to the bathroom. But after using this, I was wrong. Being a woman, we don't have to worry much about directing things in the right direction. Men however do. My first time trying this was an experience to say the least haha! I HIGHLY suggest using this when you just barely have to go to the bathroom at first, and not use it when you are busting at the seams. Being women, we aren't used to this whole process, so it does take a few tries to get the hang of it. I made sure that everything was covered, and stood facing the toilet. Can I say, what a feeling that was! I noticed some dust around the backside of my toilet that I had never before noticed haha! Anyways once things got rolling, I almost forgot that I had to aim. After a few adjustments I was good to go and it was smooth sailing! I got to pee standing up, and didn't have to once squat or sit down! It worked!

I love the idea of this, and I think every woman should try it at least once! Like I said, the first time might be a bit tricky. But it's something new to us gals, so natrually there are going to be a few fails here and there! But once you get the hang of it, camping, portable toilets, public restrooms, or just going behind a tree won't be so bad! 


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