August 06, 2014

Clean Green Microfiber Cleaning and Dusting Gloves + ReStor-It Furniture Touch-up Kit | Reviews

Clean Green Microfiber Cleaning and Dusting Gloves

If you are looking for a way to speed up your household cleaning chores, then check out the Clean Green Microfiber Cleaning and Dusting Gloves

I don't like having to use harsh chemicals in my home, and with these gloves, you don't need to. I used these gloves alone to clean my computer screen and keyboard, tv screen, shelves, lamp, and window blinds. Cleaning these things was effortless, and took very little time. I simply put on the super soft gloves, and moved my hands around. Dirt, dust and pet hair was trapped on the gloves, and didn't fly into the air. Within a few swipes, I had my entire tv and tv stand cleaned. Next I moved onto my window blinds which can be tricky to clean. Within 5 minutes I had them cleaned and dust free!

Cleaning the gloves was a breeze, I just washed and dried as normal.

These are such a great tool to have around the home, they make cleaning so much faster and easier! Plus no chemical use at all! Great if you have kids or pets!

ReStor-It Furniture Touch-up Kit

There is nothing worse than a scratch or a ding on your wood surface. Many can be quite visible, and just alter the look of the finished wood. So how do you fix these? Easy, just use the ReStor-It Furniture Touch-up Kit!

I had 2 pieces of furniture that needed some loving. The first is a night stand which only had a minor scratch in the finish, but enough to be visible. For this I used a touch up marker. Just basically colored over the scratch, and it disappeared. The finish matched very closely to the marker color, so you really couldn't tell that there once was a scratch there unless you were very very close up. The next piece of furniture was a very old chair that has seen better days. However its been in the family for years, so it's something that cannot be tossed. Somewhere along the line the chair got a pretty doosie of a scratch that went into the wood. I chose a light color since I plan on re-painting the chair. After 5 minutes of just back and forth motion with the filler stick, and the spot had improved pretty well. It wasn't flawless of course, but it was a definite improvement. When you are done with using the marker or filler stick, be sure to wipe the area with a clean lint-free cloth. This will remove any excess.

Overall I think this is a great easy way to fix up furniture that needs a little bit of TLC. Easy to use, anyone can do it!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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