August 01, 2014

How To Host A Giveaway On Tomoson

There are many times when a company on Tomoson will want you to host a giveaway in addition to your product review.

If this is your first giveaway, it might seem a little intimidating. But trust me, once you run your first one, the others will be simple and easy!

Giveaway Requirements- You will first need to know what the rules of your giveaway are going to be. Some companies will provide details either in their listing, or they will send you a private message going over the details. If you have neither of the above, send a message to the company and ask them if they have any giveaway requirements (entry info, shipping info, etc).

Find A Giveaway Widget- There are a couple of fantastic widgets out there which will assist you in hosting your giveaway. I have tried many, and found my favorite to be Gleam. Free to use, and they offer many entry ways, including all social media platforms. However there is also Rafflecopter and Giveaway Tools. In addition to those, Tomoson also offers their own giveaway widget, although I have never used it. Once you have chosen a widget to use, sign up, and follow the directions on set up. At the end, you will be given a code. One important detail, DO NOT set your giveaway end date as the same date as your winner submission deadline date. You want to give your winner time to respond. And in the event they don't respond, you will need time to pick a new winner. I suggest having your giveaway end a week before the date shown on Tomoson.

Insert Your Giveaway On Your Blog- There are many ways you can run your giveaway. I tend to post mine right along with my reviews. Either way, simply paste the code from your widget on the post where you want it to show up. And save. Your giveaway will now be live!

Picking A Winner- Some widgets will automatically pick a winner for you, while others you have to do it manually. Follow the instructions with the widget site you are using. Once you have picked a winner, email them letting them know they won! Be sure to ask for their name, mailing address, phone number and preferred contact email address. Once you are done there, you can use your social media sites to announce the winner.

Give The Company Your Winners Info- Assuming your winner has responded to you, now it's time to submit your winners info to the company on Tomoson. In your product link verification area, you should see a tab to enter winners. Fill in the spots with your winners info and submit it. The company will be in charge of sending out the prize to your winner! I also tend to message the company after submitting my winners info just updating them that one was chosen.

That's it! You would have just completed your first giveaway! It's very simple, and the more you do, the easier it will be.


  1. I am so glad you posted this! You are right... giveaways are intimidating for me, so usually shy away from applying to products that are attached to a giveaway. Thanks again. :)

    1. No problem Jenny! I was the same at first, but now I've done a good 10 or so, it's super easy!

  2. Hi, I just got approved for my 1st giveaway. Do you typically review the product first and then give it away, or do you just post the product and then add the review in the future. I'm asking this because it is an under eye cream (haven't received shipment yet) so I will need to use it at least 1-2 weeks before reviewing but I know there are certain time specs we must meet. Also, how long do you leave your giveaway up for? I plan on using the Tomoson widget as I've never done a giveaway and that just seems easier for me to start at.

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      Usually what I do is once I have the product, I go back to Tomoson and find the winner submission date. That is the day that you have to give the company the winners info. I plan to have my giveaway end 3 to 5 days before that date in case I need to pick a new winner should the first chosen winner not respond. So if my winner submission date is December 10th, I would end my giveaway on or around December 5th. I normally do my review, and start my giveaway all on the same blog.

      Tomoson by default gives you 35 days to review a product, so what you do is just plan your dates accordingly. Once your product arrives, see how many days or weeks you have before your review needs to be submitted. That will give you the time frame that you have to test it out. It's all about balancing the times out, and pre-planning! I highly recommend having a notebook around, and using that to write down the dates, it helps a lot!

  3. Thank you so much, I've just been approved for my first giveaway! Will check out the widgets you mentioned :D

  4. I am having trouble with the giveaway widget on Tomoson? It is not letting people do the extra entries. Any ideas what I need to do. Tomoson is not yet responded to me.