September 29, 2014

Crave Naturals Brow and Lash Kit | Review + Discount Code

I absolutely love this kit. I have quite a collection of makeup brushes, however I didn't have a eyebrow brush. Most of the time I would just use whatever brush I could find to do my brows. Since using this kit, my brows look a million times better!

The angled brush is the perfect width for brows. I use this with a brow powder, and it makes placing the product so easy, and you can manipulate the brush to create the illusion of eye brow hair. The brush is just overall fantastic. On the opposite end there is a spoolie. I like to use this in between swipes with the brush. I can brush out my brows, apply some product, and brush them out again. This gives my brows a very natural look, without taking away the product I just applied. It also softens them so they don't look harsh. Love it.

The next piece in the kit is the eye lash comb and brow brush. I use the eye lash brush after applying mascara and letting it dry. This will remove any clumps that your mascara may have left, and fans out your lashes to look fuller and just amazing! The brow brush I use more often when I am using an eyebrow wax. Once I apply the wax, I can use this brush to create a more natural look. Again, it's fantastic!

I really like this kit. It is a staple in my collection, and gets used daily. I love the packaging this comes in, if you need to travel, this is perfect! Place your brushes in the cylinder and they will be perfectly protected! 5 stars all around for this kit!

Go to and search for "eyebrow brush". Find the product that matches the image at the top of this blog. Use the code below to save!

*Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

** Images by Crave Naturals

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