September 20, 2014

Glamour Dolls Makeup- Gloss Snob Collection | Review + Swatches

Earlier this week I stumbled upon Glamour Doll Makeup. I don't remember exactly how I came across them, but it was by random chance. I began scrolling through their website, and started to check out their makeup. The beautiful makeup caught my eye first naturally. Many vibrant colors. Rich and bold. Then the next thing that really caught my eye was the prices... amazingly affordable! I then clicked onto their About Us tab, just to find out more about the company. The woman behind Glamour Dolls Makeup is Jessica Romano, whom you may know from the Style Networks reality show Glam Fairy. How cool huh? Plus I also saw on this page that ALL of their products are cruelty free. After reading this, I was pleased to shop with Glamour Dolls Makeup. I love supporting my fellow woman in business, and to know that the products were cruelty free set me at ease. So the shopping began! I looked to see if any of their products were sold locally around my area in southern Maine / New Hampshire, but they weren't. So online shopping it was.. and I began!

Now, I am a makeup lover, however I always seem to neglect my lips. Don't ask why, I just don't often purchase many lip products. So I started looking through Glamour Dolls Makeup lip section. I was immediately drawn to the Gloss Snob section. I checked it out, and saw that the prices were unbeatable, $1.99 each! The colors looked so stunning and rich, I had to order one. However, I couldn't decide which color I might like best. So I did what every makeup lover dreams of doing... I bought the entire collection. The price was unbeatable so I was able to do it and not break the bank. Basically I got the whole collection for the price of 1 high end lip product! Also if you spend $20 or more, shipping is free!

The check out was easy, and I was happy to see they accepted PayPal. I use PayPal for a lot of online resources, so it made the whole process very simple. I was emailed immediately after with order confirmation. Then a few days later, a shipment confirmation. Within a few days I had my Gloss Snobs! They came in this hot pink bubble wrap mailer. Very cute! Inside there was a sweet note card from Jessica Romano (very sweet), a business card with all of the information for Glamour Dolls Makeup with a coupon code on the back, a cute sticker and finally the glosses wrapped in bubble wrap, with a cute pink tulle bow. Major style points right there! It felt like I was getting a gift from a friend!

I got the Gloss Snobs out, and immediately ran to the bathroom to start trying them out. The colors were beautiful, and the pigmentation was beyond words. You can honestly wear these alone, or if you wish, you could pair with a lipstick and have a super bold lip. The Gloss Snob's are rich and creamy in texture. Very opaque colors. No scent or flavor. They go on easy, however I do recommend using a lip brush with them for better placement. I was able to sheer them down by just using a tiny bit, or get the full color effect by using a normal amount on my lips. They were a bit sticky at first when applying, but within a minute of wearing, that sticky feeling was gone, and it had a very nice normal lipstick feel to my lips. Not your typical gloss feeling. The Gloss Snob's also aren't super shiny like many glosses. They have just enough to compliment your lips, unlike most other glosses that can make you look like you are a St. Bernard slobbering all over the place. 

I did some swatches for you to see. These were just 1 swipe each, on the back of my bare hand. No primers, lotions, powders, anything. Just skin. 

I honestly am beyond impressed with not only the Gloss Snob's but also the entire Glamour Dolls Makeup brand. They have surely won over a new customer right here! They have some amazing products on their website, and I cannot recommend them enough! 

Check them out, and comment on this blog telling me what you think! If you like what you see, follow them on social media and tell them / @courtneywithluv sent you!

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