October 25, 2014

Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy | Review + Giveaway

Who doesn't love laundry that just smells amazing? I know I sure do! I love when I put a freshly washed and dried blanket on my bed. I love cuddling into the softness, then being surrounded by a beautiful aromatic scent! That is exactly what I experience every time I use the Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy laundry fragrance booster. 

I absolutely love using these in my laundry. I simply place my clothes into the washer, put in my laundry detergent, and then place in my fabric softener. Then I grab my bottle of Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy, remove the top cap, and flip open its lid. I use the cap to measure out the crystals, there is no set amount, it's more of a personal preference on how much you add. Once I get the amount I want, I simply sprinkle them around on top of my clothes. So simple! I then close the washing machine lid, and get it started. Most of the time while my clothes are washing, I will be able to smell the fragrance! Once my laundry is done, I put it in the drier and that is where the magic truly happens! When my clothes come out of the drier it is pure bliss! My clothes smell amazing every time!

Now not only do I notice how wonderful my clothes smell, but so do others! I was visiting my parents, and I walked into their home wearing a sweatshirt that I had recently washed using the Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy. My mother came up to me and asked me what perfume I was wearing because it smelled so good. When I told her I wasn't wearing any, she kinda looked puzzled. I told her that it was actually the Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy. She was so impressed by how wonderful my clothes smelled, she went out and purchased her own bottle! When I last spoke to her, she was already in love hehehe!

So if you are looking for something to help boost the scent of your laundry, something that will take your laundry to the next level, then I highly recommend trying out the Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy

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*Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

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