November 30, 2014

Holiday Gift Idea- For Him or For Her! | Feat. ShaveMOB

Are you in need of a great gift to give either him or her? Tired of giving the same old boring gifts? Want to give a gift that anyone could use? Don't worry, I've got you covered!

Whether you need a gift for a holiday party, that hard to shop for person, or just a little something extra to pop into someones stocking, ShaveMOB will have you covered! ShaveMOB offers stocking stuffer shaving kits for both men and women. The kit includes: 1 handle (either mens or womens), 2 month supply of mens or womens razor blades (you can choose between 3, 4 or 6 blades), and a mustache monocle. And here is the best part, these kits start as low as $9.99! There is no membership required, and no recurring fees.

So, I'm sure you're probably thinking, razors this cheap must be cheap quality? Correct? WRONG! I had the chance to try out some of their shaving products. First, the handle is beautifully designed. Easy to grip even with wet hands. No slipping or sliding. The razor blades are fantastic as well. I have used so many various brands of razors and razor blades and these from ShaveMOB are hands down give one of the best shaves I have ever had. Smooth, easily contouring to my skin, and removes the hair in a single pass. No cuts, burns, or any irritation. Just simple, easy, hassle free shaving!

Does this sound like the gift you are looking for? You better act fast! If you want to get your order for Christmas, you must place your order no later than December 17th. Head over HERE to take a look at the shaving kits for yourself!

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November 26, 2014

Premier Dead Sea Neck Cream | Review

Dead Sea Premier’s philosophy binds together two elements: the glorious wisdom of nature and advanced scientific technology. Combined together, these awesome theaters of wonder deliver harmonious, synergetic benefits to your skin and life. Premier takes natural plant extracts and minerals from the Dead Sea and by utilizing patented and cutting-edge technology, makes luxurious, effective skin-care that far exceeds your best imagination about beautiful skin.

Combined with Jojoba, named "the desert's Jewel" this new luxurious intensive cream treatment is ideal for the delicate areas of the neck. It effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps restore the skin's appearance of firmness and beauty.
A single routine with a dual function enables the skin to be revived and balanced from within while beautifying even damaged skin. Your complexion will look smoother, glowing and more beautiful.

Apply daily, morning and during the night time after thorough cleansing of your face and neck. Massage the cream in circular soft movements onto your skin. You may apply make-up if desired.

As someone who likes to take steps in wrinkle prevention, I was surprised when I noticed that I don't have a product that I use on my neck. I tend to focus my wrinkle prevention on my face, but I never pay much attention to my neck area, which I should. I am in my mid to late twenties, and I have a few years ahead of me before *fingers crossed* I have to worry about wrinkles and skin problems. However I like to be proactive now, in hopes that it might pay off later in life. Currently the only skin issue I am facing is my skin isn't as tight as it was in my early twenties. I really like products that firm my skin since that is really all I need at this age. So for the past month or so, I have been using this, and adding it into my skincare routine. I use it as directed, and I have noticed a great improvement in my skins firmness. My neck area, onto my chest just looks flawless and radiant. Supple, firm skin that is hydrated and just beautiful. I am still currently using this, and I haven't used it all up yet, so I will do a final updated thought once I finish this up. But so far, I am pleased with the results that I am getting!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

November 23, 2014

Spice Up Your Workout Gear - Feat. Suddora Patriotic Sweatband Set

If you are looking for a few functional yet fun pieces to add to your work out gear, a must have is the Suddora Sweatbands. You can use sweatbands around your wrists, and on your head to keep sweat from getting onto your hands effecting your grip, or sweat getting in your eyes. They were quite popular in the 1970's and 1980's, and now can be a great way to add a retro feel to your gym attire. These are fantastic to of course wear with your gym outfit, however they are also great for athletes, sports teams and sports supporters. Plus these are a great accessory to wear for Halloween costumes, or any patriotic event!
Today I am featuring the Suddora Patriotic Sweatbands. Just in their name, they are red, white and blue. They are made of a terry like material, and are very durable. Soft yet strong. Made of 80% cotton, 12% spandex and 8% nylon. The headband is 2" x 7" and the wristbands are 3.5" x 3".

I decided to try my out during my exercise routine and see if they did serve a purpose. They did. I had on wristbands first, and when I was sweating, my hands were staying drier. Plus if I needed to wipe away sweat that was on my face or neck, I could swipe it with the wristband. While I was working out, I would have sweat drops run down my bangs and end up falling almost in my eye. After that happened I put on the headband and problem solved. Any sweat that was going to roll down my forehead ended up being soaked up by the headband. After a couple of uses I washed them and air dried them. Cleaned nicely, and still look fabulous!

So if you are interested in learning more about purchasing some sweatbands from Suddora, simply click here to be taken to their website!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

First Impression & Live Demo: Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler

I love to curl my hair, but using the traditional curling irons never seem to give me the results I want. Alternating between the curls can be a pain, I burn myself, and end up getting frustrated. I had the chance to try out a type of curling iron I have never used before, the Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler.

The day I got it, I immediately grabbed my camera, and filmed a first impression + live demo for everyone to see. If you want to know my thoughts on this, and see me use it for the first time, press the play button on the video below!

I really enjoy using this curler. It makes doing my hair so quick and easy. I get beautiful results every time. The best part, I have not once had a issue with my hair becoming tangled. Every time my hair might have gotten picked up wrong, I could just slide the curler out of my hair, and start over. Plus it was a rare occasion that a piece didn't quite go around the barrel as hoped.

You can find out more information about the Kiss InstaWave by visiting You can find this at Target, Ulta, and on

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November 21, 2014

Frazoni Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat | Review + Giveaway

The holidays are coming closer and that means that more than likely you will be doing some baking. This holiday season I am so glad to have a new helper in the kitchen that makes baking as well as clean up super easy. No, I don't have one of Santa's elves in my kitchen. Allow me to introduce you to the Frazoni Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat.

If you still baking with just a baking sheet, you know that foods can get stuck on, there can be some uneven cooking, and cleaning up can be a chore. With the Frazoni Baking Mat, it is made with non stick silicone. Meaning your food won't get stuck on, and because it distributes the heat evenly, whatever you are cooking gets even heat. I use my mat almost every time I bake. Whether it be a roast, cookies, sesame chicken, macaroons, you name it. I love the fact that I no longer have any issues with burnt bottoms of foods, especially cookies. 

And as I mentioned before, this also makes cleaning up a breeze. Just wash with soap and water. No scrubbing or soaking required. It saves me so much time. 

All in all, I love this baking mat by Frazoni. It is a staple in my kitchen! So where can you buy this? Easy, just click here!

Guess what?! If you live in the USA, you can enter in to win your very own Frazoni Non Stick Silicone Baking Mat!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

November 20, 2014

First Impression: Zep Cleaning Products

I was given the chance try out some cleaning products from the company Zep. I had never heard of this company before, so naturally I was eager to give them a shot. With the holidays coming, I find myself cleaning my home much more often just to keep the place looking extra spic and span!

The 2 products that I got to try out are the Zep All Around Oxy Cleaner & Degreaser, and the Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant. So let's get right into my first impressions!

Zep All Around Oxy Cleaner & Degreaser- I used this in my microwave, stove top, and my oven. I followed the directions, let the cleaner sit 1 minute, then wipe away. It really worked, and cut through the greasy yucky messes like nothing! I was really impressed at how easy it cleaned my oven. I did let it sit on my oven a bit longer, but after about 5 minutes, the grime just came right off. This will come in handy after the holidays, when my oven will need another good cleaning!

Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant- This I used on my kitchen counters, bathroom, and refrigerator. Cleans wonderfully, and I like the security it provides with also being a disinfectant. Very nice, and something that I use on a more regular basis.

Overall I like these products by Zep quite a bit. They have a minimal scent which is nice, and cleaning power to do the job quickly and efficiently.
*I was sent products featured in this blog complimentary for review purposes via Crowdtap. All opinions are 100% my own.

November 17, 2014

Old Factory Candle Gift Set | Review + Giveaway

These candle gift sets each contain 3 different scented candles. Each candle burns clean and even for 20 hours. Hand-poured in the USA with natural soy wax, self-trimming wicks, and premium fragrance oils. Each gift set is themed around a group of related fragrances. So everyone is sure to find something perfect for every occasion, every room in the house, and all the special someones in your life.

There is nothing I love more in the holiday season than some fun, festive smelling candles. I got the Happy Holidays trio, which consists of Gingerbread, Candy Cane and Christmas Tree. If that isn't festive enough, I don't know what is!

I am saving these to use around Christmas time, however I have burned all 3 for a little bit, just to see how well they would make the rooms in my home smell. First off, these candles are true to scent as they claim. The Gingerbread scent smells like I've had the oven on, baking up some yummy gingerbread cookies. It is the lightest scent out of the trio, but it made my kitchen smell like Christmas morning! The Candy Cane scent has a bold peppermint aroma. I put this one in my bathroom and it was great having lit while I took a bath. Very calming and refreshing. Final, and my personal favorite is the Christmas Tree scent. It smells like I am out in the tree lot surrounded by beautiful Christmas trees. That scent alone just makes me feel those warm fuzzies!

Like I said I lit each candle for a bit to try them out, and as hard as it is, I am saving them for the days around Christmas. I cannot wait to see what my family and friends think when they walk into my beautiful festive smelling home this holiday season! There are so many scents to choose from, a scent for everyone!

Open to USA residents only,

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Fruit Acid Peel by Refresh Skin Therapy | Review

Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel 
Enhanced with Kojic Acid
A Professional At-Home Alpha Hydroxy (AHA) Glycolic, Lactic, & Pyruvic Acid Chemical Peel. 
Our most versatile exfoliator good for most skin types, Fruit Acid Gel Peel 15% with Kojic Acid combines a trio of naturally-derived alpha hydroxy acids, Glycolic, Lactic, and Pyruvic acids, to create an effective, professional-grade peel. Fruit Acid Gel Peel 15% effectively removes the outer layers of thickened or damaged skin improving texture and tone while revealing noticeably smoother, healthier skin.

  • Effectively removes dead surface skin cells, Glycolic Acid Peel loosens and removes the outer layers of thickened, damaged skin.
  • Ideal for Age Spots, Dry Dull Skin, Freckles, Sun Spots, Increasing Skin Radiance and Luminosity, Acne Scarring, Skin Lightening, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Melasma.
  • Improves skin texture and tone, shrinks pores, Improves oily and problematic skin
  • Enhanced with Kojic acid, a natural skin brightener with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, to reduce the appearance of dark spots and inhibit melanin production

This was my first time ever using a chemical peel at home. I have had a few done at a spa before, but never attempted to do any at home. Having them done at spas can get pricey, and many of them can be quite harsh. So this idea of doing them at home just seems like a great way to save time, money and my skin!

Very easy to use, straight forward directions. I cleansed my face to remove any makeup, but I was sure to be gentle and not scratch my skin or irritate it. I applied this using a fan brush all over my face and onto my neck. It only takes a very thin layer to work, so don't over do it! Within a minute of it being on my skin, I had a very very slight stinging sensation on a few parts of my face. Areas that are dry or perhaps had micro scratches. But it was nothing like the feeling I would get from treatments in a spa. Far less of that stinging sensation. After the recommended time, I was able to easily wash it off with cold water. The end result was amazing! My skin looked so fresh. It felt super soft and supple. I just loved it. Now I use this about once a week, sometimes twice a week when I feel like I need it. I had a very small amount of redness in places, and that went away within a hour or so. I would still recommend trying this on the weekend, or when you have some free time just in case your skin reacts differently than mine.

Also, I want to mention that my skin type is dry and sensitive. I experienced no negatives while using this product, no dislikes whatsoever. I am pleased with this, and I use it often. 5 star recommendation from me!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask by VoilaVe | Review

  • HUGE 16 OZ JAR: Why pay more for smaller jars? Get more for your money with our large 16 oz jar!
  • IMPORTED DIRECTLY FROM ISRAEL: The finest quality Dead Sea Mud anywhere. All natural, pure, and direct from the Dead Sea in Israel.
  • PUREST INGREDIENTS: 100% natural with no chemicals or artificial additives.
  • MANY BENEFITS: Deep cleansing, draws out impurities & toxins, tightens pores, exfoliates, hydrates and moisturizers, improves blood circulation, and much more!

I have tried many dead sea mud masks in my time. And my one complaint with all others has been their smell. I understand that the dead sea mud masks might not smell the best, however this one was the least offensive that I have ever yet to try. Any others in the past that I tried were just too much for me to even use. This one I can work with!

I use this about 2 to 3 times a week at night. I tend to put it on after my shower when my face is clean, then leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. It will dry, and that is when you know it's time to wash it off. I myself suffer from dry, sensitive skin. This leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated, firm, and just healthy looking. Immediately after washing this mask off, I apply my favorite moisturizer, and then I am ready for bed.

I am quite happy with this mask. The container is a great size, and there is enough product in it to last you for a while. I also like that this company takes the time to write the month and year the contents expire by date. Many other companies are very vague with the expiration of their masks. Plus the containers come with a seal inside, which again is something I haven't experienced with other companies and the masks they offer. Outstanding!

*Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

Vitamin B Complex by Natural Goal | Review

  • Promotes cellular energy and repair and maintenance of nerve structures. Helps keep functions of the muscles, nerves, and heart healthy. Also supports formation of red blood cells.
  • Improves mood and eases stress. Provides nutrients for all things mind-related including mood and memory. Represses anxiety, lifts depression, and boosts energy. Helps improve your mental capacity and emotional stability.
  • Added benefit for women is that it helps relieve PMS. Eases physiological and mental symptoms of premenstrual syndrome Thiamin and Riboflavin (B1 and B2) in particular help significantly reduce risk of developing PMS which may include headache, backache, anxiety, depression, and sleep disruption among many others.
  • PROMOTES BEAUTY - Increases fatty acids in your skin promoting radiance and firmness. Helps add volume to hair, and generate stronger nails. It helps restore RNA, synthesize DNA, and produce healthy cells preventing premature aging.

Since taking these, I have noticed a better sense of well being. The one aspect that I have found this to help me with is my mood. I have had some events happen in my life this past year that have taken a toll on my mood. I would call it borderline mild depression if you want to get technical. You know, just having those downer days. I am not one who wants to be taking all sorts of pills to help relieve the symptoms. I'd much rather find a vitamin, or supplement to help. And I have done just that!

I take one of these a day at breakfast, and within a hour or so I start feeling just a better feeling. All day I will feel just like myself, and that is a great feeling to have! As I mentioned above I take this with my breakfast because it is recommended to take with food. The pills are easy to swallow. There are no after tastes or anything associated with this. And I have no experienced any side effects. All is going well with these. I am still currently using these, but overall I am pleased!

*Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

November 13, 2014

Large Packing Cubes by Dot&Dot | Review

  • Available in One Pack and 4-Piece Value Set. Dimensions - 17.5" x 12.75" x 3.25"
  • Sort and Find Your Stuff Quickly! Makes packing and unpacking efficient and less time consuming.
  • Maximize luggage space. Protect your clothes from dirt, wrinkles and damages.
  • No more stress and troubles at the airport. Maintain your privacy during security inspections.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

As the girlfriend of a truck driver, there are times when I will go out for a few days on the road with him. Of course I need to pack a few things that I can easily take into a hotel with me, or just have in the truck that won't take up much room but still hold my stuff. These packing cubes have been a life saver!

I firstly love the color selection that is available. I got mine in pink, and they are gorgeous! The mesh makes it easy to see whats inside each bag. Dual zippers for easy opening. These are fantastic! I can fit easily 4 bath towels, my shampoo, conditioner, makeup, hair brush, and tooth brush in 1 bag. I also use these when I am at home for easy under bed storage. I can stack 2 cubes on top of each other and easily fit them under my bed. I am finding so many uses for these it is unreal! As I type this, I am using them to store Christmas presents in my closet. I have had these for just about a month and I have used them for so many different things already! They are great quality, and I have not had any issues with them at all!

I absolutely love these, and if you are looking for some storage bags, or travel bags, then these are what you need!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

November 10, 2014

Coffee Dates From Hell by Jim Tilberry | Review

When two single people meet for the first time, they often arrange a “coffee date.”  Coffee Dates From Hell is a humorous fictional account of several very bad coffee dates.  Many of these dates are disasters from the beginning.  Others are destined to be train wrecks if the two people ever see each other again.  The coffee dates include several famous people such as Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and J. Edgar Hoover.  You’ll also meet a range of colorful characters including a psychic, a cross dresser, and even a cannibal.  The coffee dates include many funny twists and surprises. The humor is often silly, irreverent, and politically incorrect.  The book is a very quick read (148 short pages).  Many people finish it in just one evening.

This is unlike any book that I have read before. It was light, fun to read, and gave me a good chuckle. Some of the stories about the dates were so relate-able, others I am so glad have never happened to me!

Starting from the outside, the book isn't pretty. The graphics used are pretty bad, definitely could be improved, and given a more modern look. If I was simply browsing books, I wouldn't stop to look at this one because it just has no visual appeal. The inside of the book has easy to read text, so if you are someone with a vision problem, this book shouldn't give you too much of an issue reading. It is broken up into chapters about each date, and features a image at the beginning of the chapters. Again, the graphics are horrible, and could be improved. The stories themselves are funny, and gave me a good giggle. They are written in a way that is as if you are having a conversation with your best friend. Very lighthearted.

Overall I enjoyed this book. With a few improvements to the cosmetic aspect of the book, this would get a solid 5 star rating.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Lashem Colour Strokes Brow Tint Lift w/ Lash Enhancing Serum | Review

Colour Strokes Brow Tint Lift w/ Lash Enhancing Serum. If you're looking for full natural looking eyebrows, Colour Strokes Brow Tint gives you just that!

Fill, tint, and sculpt with just one stroke.
Long-lasting tint keeps brows looking full and perfectly in place. Effective applicator distributes tinted gel precisely and evenly to fill in gaps and sculpt brows with one simple application. Contains brow enhancing serum to promote healthier, stronger, thicker looking brows. 

Available in multiple shades: Blonde, Brunette, and Raven.

Flake-proof. Smudge-proof. Paraben-free

Retails at only $20.

I am a natural blonde, and I always have trouble finding a eye brow product that will match me. They are usually too dark, or too red in color. So when I was given the chance to try out this product, I jumped at it! The day it arrived in the mail, I put it to use. Before I go into this, I will say that I am reviewing the shade Blonde.

I applied it on and immediately I was a bit disappointed. The color for the blonde brow tint is pretty good compared to other brow products for blondes. However the problem that had me disappointed was the fact that this has a shimmer type of finish. So when I put this on my brows, my brows glistened. I am the type of person who likes to use brow products that will blend in with my brows so that people don't really know that they are filled in, or I have used a product on them. I want them to look as natural as possible. With this, there is no denying that I had used a product. I wouldn't be comfortable going out with my brows shining like that. If this formula was made with a matte finish, I would love it. However it is the shimmer finish that just does it for me. It lasts on the brows for a great amount. Once it dries, it stays put. I love that quality because a lot of products like this I find tend to easily smudge off. This definitely was a plus for me. And it did fill in my brows perfectly, and allowed me to easily shape them the way I wanted.

If a shimmer finish doesn't bother you, then you will love this. But if you like a more natural looking brow, then I don't think you will like the end result. 

Save 30% on your purchase of Lashem Colour Strokes Brow Tint Lift w/ Lash Enhancing Serum. Use discount code "BROW30BB"

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November 07, 2014

InstaNatural Stretch Mark & Scar Cream For Prevention & Reduction | Review

InstaNatural’s Stretch Mark & Scar Cream is an effective treatment to minimize the appearance of current marks, while also preventing the forming of new ones. Stretch marks and scars are created when collagen is weakened and skin is stretched or torn beyond its limit. Our cream heavily moisturizes affected areas – such as hips, stomach and arms - delivering nourishment and hydration to enhance elasticity of your skin and help restore a youthful look and even appearance.
Key Ingredients:
+ Vitamin C (15%)
+ Cocoa Butter
+ Rosehip Oil
+ Mango Butter
+ Grapeseed Oil
+ Evening Primrose Oil

I am honestly the skeptical kind when it comes to creams that will help diminish scars and stretch marks. I have used so many in the past, all of which didn't produce any visible results. I have been a long time fan of InstaNatural, and I found that their products work wonderfully for me, so I decided to give this product a shot.

I am in the process of losing weight, and while the pounds are dropping, I of course have some stretch marks from my years of being overweight. And of course I have some scars on my body that just never went away. So this cream really had its work cut out for it! I began using this as directed on my stomach and arms for the stretch marks. Those areas are my "problem" areas. I also applied some to a scar I have on my finger that I got as a child.

I have been using this daily for a month now, and I am very pleased with the results I have thus far. The scar has diminished about 20% I'd say. Although that number isn't too impressive, it is a very old scar, at least 15 years old. So I didn't expect it to perform miracles and work fast. However I do see improvement and this has only been a month. Without a doubt I am going to keep using this to maximize results.

As for my stretch marks, in the past month I have noticed a 50% difference in their appearance. Some are quite faded away, others are a work in progress. I am just astonished at how amazing this stuff works on my scars and stretch marks that aren't fairly recent, or new members on the block sorta speak. If this is working that well for me, I cannot imagine how incredible this product would be for new mothers looking to say goodbye to those new stretch marks!

If you are in the market for a product like this, give this one a shot. You have nothing to lose. It contains fabulous ingredients that will benefit your skin, and make those pesky scars and stretch marks less visible!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Turkish Cotton Large Bath Towels- 40x80 | Review

  • 40"x80" Extra Long, 8 Colors, Genuine 100% Combed Turkish Cotton
  • Highest quality possible. You will not be disappointed - Guaranteed
  • Hems are double lock stitched to prevent any hem failure
  • Highly absorbent, super soft, VAT dyed to prevent fading
  • Oeko-Tex® and ISO 9001. All Materials are Pesticide and Harmful Chemical Free!

I love a good sized towel. Being a plus size woman, I like to use towels that fully cover me after showering. I find that with most towels I buy it stores, they are way too small. Let me just say, that with this towel, it is plenty big on me which I actually like.

When I first got this, I washed and dried it. It is soft, very much like any other typical towel I have used. Now during the washing and drying process, I only had to dry this for a extra 10 minutes than my other clothes in the laundry. So it wasn't too much of a hassle. I think it all depends on your drier.

Using this was great. Very absorbent. Very soft. I love it. I can wrap this around myself plenty, and be dried off in no time. I think this will be great to bring to the beach as a beach towel as well next summer.

I like this towel a lot. I give this a full 5 star recommendation!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

November 06, 2014

Petunia Skincare Revitalize Eye Serum With Sea Kelp | Review

Looking for an eye serum that addresses tired eyes and the signs of aging?

Introducing Petunia Skincare Revitalize Eye Serum, a revolutionary eye serum that addresses:
★Tired Eyes - Revitalizes and awakens the appearance of feeling of tired eyes
★Dark Circles, Swollen and Puffy Eyes - Reduces dark circles, puffiness and the feeling of swollen eyes
★Wrinkles and Fine Lines - Plumps the delicate skin around the areas of the eyes and helps diminish and fill in wrinkles and fine lines
★Best Moisturizer and Anti-Ager - Sea Kelp acts as an excellent oil-free moisturizer. Hyaluronic Acid is world renowned for its capacity to retain moisture in the skin thus leaving the skin plumped and youthful

Our eye serum is nothing like any other "eye cream" on the market.
Unlike ordinary eye creams, our eye serum has a silky and plush texture that absorbs quickly and seamlessly into the delicate area of our eyes.
Our serum is unparalleled to traditional eye creams as it is loaded with PREMIUM top-of-the-line ingredients, and we mean LOADED.
Our eye serum is made with high quality ingredients filled with antioxidants and nutrients.

The TOP BEST all-natural ingredients that are essential when it comes to preventing signs of aging, reducing dark circles, puffiness, and revitalizing tired eyes
~Sea Kelp Bioferment
~Vitamin C
~Hyaluronic Acid
~Ferulic Acid
~Vitamin B3
~Coconut Endosperm
~Natural Active Peptides
~Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone

For more information visit:

I tend to suffer from puffy under eyes as well as dark circles. So over the past few weeks I have been putting this to the test. Here are my results.

Puffy Eyes- I have to say this works wonders for getting rid of my puffiness. The results I get from using this is almost spa like. I like to use this in the morning while I am doing my normal morning skincare routine. Plus it makes me feel more awake after I use this. I feel like I am ready to take on the day. It's amazing how that puffy feeling can bring you down. So with this aspect I am very happy.

Dark Circles- As far as this goes, I have seen some minor changes with the dark circles under my eyes, however at this current moment I am still using this eye serum, so I cannot yet fully judge just what its end results will be. The fine lines around my eyes are improved when I use this, so I do have some high hopes for the dark circles becoming less visible.

Overall I like this, and as I mentioned above I am still using this. So my full results aren't in yet, but I would give this a recommendation. Just for the treatment of the puffy eyes alone it gets a 5 star rating from me!


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

November 03, 2014

Paula Dorf's 2 + 1 for Brows in Blonde | Review

Use Paula Dorf's 2 + 1 for Brows to create perfect looking brows that last all day! 2 flattering colors + 1 light wax = natural-looking brows. This trio creates a perfect color match and fills in any missing hairs or imperfections for brows that last all day.

Being someone with naturally blonde hair, I always find it very difficult to find a brow product that will match my brows. Most often when I try a "blonde" brow pencil or powder it will make my brows a very dark blonde shade, almost brunette. Because I could never find a product that would work with my shade of blonde, I just gave up on doing my brows all together. 

I was given the opportunity to try out the Paula Dorf 2+1 for Brows. It is a trio of 2 powders, a lighter shade and a darker shade, and a wax. I like that there is 2 shades here, that way you can customize the color to fit your needs. Because my hair is so light, I have mostly been using the lighter shade. The blonde shades are the best that I have used so far. Not too dark, and not too red or golden toned. Nice neutral blonde shades. My eye brow color is about a medium blonde shade, and the light powder matched perfectly. If you have lighter blonde eye brows, you may want to use the light shade, along with a matte white eye shadow to create a shade a bit lighter. Now using this is very simple. Take your brush, dab it into the powder(s) and then dip it into the wax. Apply to your brows and there you have it. Super easy!
The kind people at Paula Dorf also sent along their brow brush. It is the perfect size for brows, not too large, yet not too small. You can create fine details, yet at the same time fill in your brows in no time. 

Use special code BROWBRUSH to receive a free brow brush with your purchase!

Overall I am very impressed with Paula Dorf 2+1 for brows. My brows last for hours without smudging, and the shade matches me perfectly. I cannot complain! I give this product a full 5 star rating!
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November 02, 2014

Jiva Organics White Sesame Seeds | Review

Jiva Organics is a line of certified organic spices that offer a tremendous value over mainstream alternatives.  This is a USDA certified organic White Sesame Seeds that is of extremely high quality.

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I recently wanted to make an authentic dish of Sesame Chicken. Of course the dish could not be complete if I didn't use some sesame seeds. I had these on hand so I decided to try them.

Great flavor and they add a great garnish to any dish. I use them in Chinese cooking, marinades, and I use them to sprinkle into soups as a bit of a garnish with a extra crunch. Toast them up and you get a even better enhanced flavor.

The amount that you get in this bag is very generous. This should last me quite a bit! The only thing that I don't like about this is the packaging. I wish the bag was resealable. That would make things much easier and less messy! Other than that, these are great!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.