December 28, 2014

MaskIT Products - Easy Disposal of Feminine Products | Review

Getting rid of your used feminine products can be a problem. Most women have done it the same way since maturity; half a roll of toilet paper later and the evidence is still evident in the waste basket. Not to mention the odor that the toilet paper cannot mask. Well fret no more! With this new innovation, you can be sure that your cycle stays under wraps. 
MaskIT is a specially designed patent-pending product that offers a practical & sanitary solution for the disposal of soiled feminine hygiene items. Its puppet-like function & pocket technology make it simple to grasp a used pad or tampon while protecting the hand. With a unique inversion process these items are then enclosed & sealed within a small pouch that prevents leaking and blocks smells.

Keep Your Cycle Under Wraps!
Made with Certified Compostable Biofilm & Manufactured in the USA
Find out more about this new earth-friendly product at
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The product is perfect for everyone at home or on the go, & makes things easier than ever for the girls who love the outdoors!  Pack it in, Pack it out, no problem now that you can MaskIT!

- FOR PADS- These are fantastic to have around, and make dealing with the monthly friend so much easier. I like to keep a box in my work bag and use them when I am at work. When I use a pad, I don't want to bring the wrapper with me, because that is just a dead giveaway. So instead I keep these where I can grab one, go to the bathroom and easily discard my pad without any mess, or anyone seeing anything.

The pouches are nicely sized, and I can easily fit my hand inside the pouch, grab the pad, and turn it inside out. Then I simply remove the sticky strip, and seal it closed. It makes using pads so much easier and much cleaner which I love.

-FOR TAMPONS- Along with trying the MaskIT pouches for pads, I also tried these ones for tampons. As with the pads, it made cleaning up so much easier, mess free, and sanitary. I really like this for tampons because as all of us ladies know, they can get messy. After removing your tampon, place your fingers in the pouch and grab onto the soiled product, flip the bag inside out, and seal it closed. All the yucky things will be inside the bag, along with the mess and odor. You can toss it away right there, or if you are at a place where you cannot dispose of it right away, you can dispose of it later. Great if you are out on the go.

I used to never reach for tampons because they were so messy, but now with MaskIT, I feel better about using them!

Also visit their forum at and join other ladies in great conversation!

Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

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