December 19, 2014

Snuggle #CraftyPaws Holiday Dryer Sheets Box Craft | #contestentry

Many of you already know that I am a member of the Snuggle Bear Den Community. It's a fun place where I get to connect with the Snuggle brand, and do all sorts of fun missions. If you are interested in joining, you can do so HERE.

The latest mission I am doing with Snuggle is a very fun and creative one. The challenge was to create a holiday themed decoration or craft using the Snuggle dryer sheets box that was kindly provided complimentary. At first I was thinking about making a decoration, but I wanted to really take it to the next step and decided to get a bit crafty!

When I first joined the Snuggle Bear Den Community months ago, I was able to do a mission where I was sent one of the legendary stuffed animal Snuggle bears. I wanted to work him into this, so I cut off the top lid of the dryer sheet box, and Snuggle Bear fit right inside it perfectly. Right away I knew what I was going to create... a Christmas sleigh for my Snuggle Bear. About 4 hours of total work, and my creation was complete! I couldn't be happier how it turned out, especially being my first shot!

If you are interested in how I did this, below is a brief summary of the steps and items used!

What I Used:
-Snuggle Dryer Sheet Box (removed dryer sheets)
-Cardboard Box
-Toilet paper tube
-Card stock paper
-Scissors and box cutter (ask a parent for help with these!)
-Puffy paint and nail polish
-Green food coloring

For this craft, I used ONLY items that I had around my house. If you make this, feel free to get creative and add your own spins on this! If you don't have the same items I used, don't worry, just modify it however you can! 

To create the sleigh, I simply cut off the opening flap of the snuggle box. I measured out cardboard pieces that would be long enough for the sides of the sleigh, and drew the shape of the sleigh that I wanted. Once I had those cut, I taped them onto the sides of the sleigh. Next I cut out a piece of cardboard that would cover the back of the sleigh. I kept this roughly the same height as the top curve of the sleigh. For the front of the sleigh, I did the same as the back piece, except I made sure that this piece was a bit taller so I could curl it over and have that typical front shape that you associate with sleighs. The outer shape of the sleigh should be complete!

I wanted to make it look like there was a seat in the sleigh, so I took a toilet paper tube, and taped that in on the back of the sleigh. Because the tube is obviously hollow, I taped down 2 pieces of card stock paper on each end to cover that. I used my scissors to trim up the edges to make the paper flush with the cardboard. 

For the skis, I took 2 longer pieces of cardboard and put them on top of each other. Using my pencil, I sketched out the design I wanted for the skis. Carefully using a box cutter, I cut out the design on the cardboard. If you cut them both together, your skis will be identical and look that much better. I then measured where I wanted to place them, and taped them on. Sleigh is done!

I searched around my home and found some puffy paints, and used red to create the classic Christmas sleigh color. For the skis, I used black nail polish, then covered it with a silver glitter nail polish to create that metal look. 

I used white tissue paper, and a used Snuggle dryer sheet to put in the seat of the sleigh to break up the color, and make it look a bit more comfy and plush! I took another used Snuggle dryer sheet, and dip dyed it in some green food coloring to give my Snuggle Bear a blanket. 

I was happy with this, but I knew my sleigh was missing something... presents! I took some of the scraps of cardboard I had left over, and cut them into different box shapes, and colored them using markers. I also cut out a circle piece and make that into a basketball. To add detail to these, I used my puffy paint to create ribbons and bows on the boxes, and used black to paint on the lines you see on a basketball.

That's it! You can take pieces of this idea and make it into your own craft! It is super fun, and I enjoyed it! You can make this with your kids, give it away as a gift, or enjoy it around your home!

I want to thank the Snuggle Bear Den for letting me be apart of this fun mission!

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