December 11, 2014

The Big Girl Tag

We all know that I am a plus size gal. So when I came across this Big Girl Tag on YouTube, I knew I had to post it on my blog. I originally found this tag by GlowPinkStah, and you can watch her YouTube video HERE.

I tag anyone who wants to do this. Post your answers in the comments below, or copy and post on your own blog or YouTube!

The Questions:

1. What do you classify yourself as: (example) Curvy; Fat; Thick; Plus size; Heavy; Ample; PHAT (Pretty Hot and Tempting)

Plus Size. Ample just cracks me up!

2. What is your Body shape: (example) Hourglass; Spoon; Rectangle; Triangle; Pear; Apple? I'm more of a Apple shape.

3. Are you comfortable /happy at your current size? What is your positive as a plus size person? 

Honestly, no. I am not happy with my size, and I never have been. I have been overweight for most of my life, and it's something that I have struggled with for years. I live in a area where plus size women aren't really appreciated. Plus size stores are far and few in between, so it's hard to look decent in clothes that properly fit. 

One positive is there is almost a sisterhood among plus size women, we all connect and it's a beautiful thing.

4. Would you like to lose weight and if so how much? What is your Negative as a plus size person? 

I would love to lose weight. I have tried for years to drop the weight, but I end up falling off the wagon. 

The biggest negative for me is stigma that oh, you must be fat because you sit on your butt all day eating fatty foods. And that's not the case at all.

5. What is a Fat thing that you do and think is funny? Example (breathe heavy or sweat profusely).

Probably using a fork to dunk my Oreo into a glass of milk lol. I can't be bothered to get my fingers wet haha!

6. What is your Plus size pet peeve?

Stores not offering quality, cute, affordable clothing in a decent range of true to size sizes. I hate shopping. I know my size, but I can shop at 5 different stores and range between a 3X to a 5X. I can wear a size 22 petite jeans in one store, then the next I will be a 26 regular. Seriously? It's beyond frustrating!

7. GIVE US A PLUS SIZE TIP (example) deodorant in creases; angling for the camera a certain way to appear slimmer).

If you are going to an event, and really want a super slimming look, double up on the shape wear. It will suck you in, and keep everything smooth. 

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