January 07, 2015

Balanced Trio Multivitamins by Vital Formulas | Review

Balanced Trio is a patent-pending vitamin supplementation system that consists of three complementary multivitamin formulas specifically created for Morning, Mid-day and Evening. These formulas contain all the essential vitamins and minerals, omega-3 fish oil, coenzyme Q10, anit-oxidants, plus plant-dervided compounds and other micronutrients in the forms optimized for absorption and bioavailability. Grouping of nutrients into three distinct formulas results in the synergy between the ingredients and eliminates inhibitory actions. Together Balanced Trio TM formulas ensure essential nutritional support throughout the day.

Balanced Trio is non-GMO and contains only the highest quality ingredients - organic chelated mineral from Albion, natural NovoOmega fish oil in triglycerides form, potent standardized herbal and fruit extracts.

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With the New Year in full swing, I am embarking on a better improved, healthier lifestyle. Prior to entering 2015 I was introduced to the Balanced Trio Multivitamins by Vital Formulas. This is the first time I have ever seen a multivitamin being sold as a trio, with supplements set out for each part of the day. A brilliant idea which had me sold. I have been taking these daily for about 2 weeks now, and I have to say that I am quite pleased. 

The morning pill doesn't have much of a scent or flavor. It is a clear capsule with what looks like ground up herbs inside. Normal size capsule which is easy to swallow.

The mid-day pill is quite different as far as scent and flavor. It smells VERY strong of fish, and even when I go to take the pill I can taste the fish flavor. This did pose a problem with me because I just can't stomach that sort of fish scent. Needless to say I have to take these with a very strongly flavored juice, or else I can't get it down. This pill is also larger than a normal size capsule. The inside contents are a finely ground up white color. 

The final one, the evening pill is not a capsule, but actually a tablet. This one looks like your standard multivitamin. As far as for scent, it has a mild scent as to which I cannot describe, but it is nothing offensive at all. No flavor with this one which is great. The tablet is normal sized.

Now that I have been taking these for a little while, I already feel a difference in my day. I have more pep, and I seem to have a better focus while I'm at work. My stomach feels like it is working well, and I just have a overall feeling of good health. This trio set is great because each part of the day you are getting the essential supplements that are needed. I am a fan!

Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

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