January 08, 2015

Your Weigh Weight Loss Belt | Review

Weight loss belt made of strong stretchable neoprene. comes in 2 adjustable Velcro sizes (s/m & l/xl), providing a comfortable fit and essential lower back support to help you burn fat, promote loss of excess water weight, strengthen muscle, trim & tone the waistline, and surround sore muscles with natural body generated moist heat; important for muscle recovery.

Photo provided by Your Weigh

I have been using this Your Weigh Ab Belt for a few weeks now. Like everyone with the new year, I made a resolution to lose some weight this year, and I started early by adding this into my weight loss journey "routine".

First, I am going to start off with the thing that I dislike about this belt. The size of it is pretty narrow and doesn't cover as much as I was hoping. The width of this belt is perfect for a someone who already has a fairly flat stomach. If you have a little extra tummy, then the coverage isn't the best. Because of that, I didn't really get to use this as a waist trimmer.

I instead used this to help with my posture, as that is something that I have been wanting to work on and correct for a while. This works great at doing so. I wrap this around under my bust and it keeps my body in perfectly correct standing and sitting positions. It is comfortable unlike many other wraps I have tried which I really like. I wear this for a couple hours a day and I notice that my sitting posture is really starting to improve! I also use this after work outs when my lower back starts to hurt. Place a little muscle rub on the spot, then wrap this belt around the spot and it relaxes the pain away! Where it helps trap in your body heat, it provides a lot of natural comfort.

I am going to give this belt a 4 star rating now, and perhaps once I start shedding some pounds and can use this as a waist trimmer, I can give that part a review. But for now I think it is a good product at helping posture and also relieving muscle pain.

Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

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