February 11, 2015

Evans USA First Impression + Evans Grey D-Ring Trim Biker Boots | Plus Size Fashion

First let me start off by stating that this was my very first purchase with Evans. I had only recently learned about this company from other fellow plus size bloggers. I have been on the hunt for a great pair of below the knee boots that were cute, practical, and affordable. After browsing on the Evans USA website I found the "Evans Grey D-Ring Trim Biker Boots". They were on sale for $59.50, with an original price of $85. The deal was right, so I made my first purchase.

Purchasing the boots was very simple. Shipping was free which made this deal even better. Shipping was fairly quickly, came within the 10 day time frame after purchase. The only bummer is there was no way to track my shipment, but then again shipping was free so I guess I cannot complain too much. The boots arrived in a large bag, and on the bottom of each boot was a sticker with price, size and assorted info. When I ordered these I had it in my mind that these boots would probably be similar in size to many USA brands, aka narrow and never the right size. I tend to float here in the USA between a size 10 to 11 depending on who makes the shoe. To be on the safe side I ordered a size 11. They only came in a EEE width, which normally I am a wide width, but I figured with boots I'll be tucking jeans into them, wearing socks, so the extra room might be nice. When I first tried on the boots I knew that I should have bought a size 10. These run very true to size. The width on them is great, my feet don't feel squished at all, and actually are one of the best feeling fits I have ever had with a shoe. The leg opening is a tad bit big on me. I have fairly "skinny" calves for a plus size girl. However it is nice that I do have the extra room, I can easily tuck in my pants into the boots without it feeling tight. They have zippers on the side that fully zip all the way down which I really like. 

I wore these boots out the day after a snow storm, and to my surprise they did quite well in the slippery weather. No slipping and very easy to walk in. Overall I was quite pleased. They are super comfy, although I did pick up a set of insoles just to help take up some room since the boots are just a tiny bit big on me. 

For my first purchase with Evans I am quite happy. Because of that I would definitely shop with them again in a heartbeat. They offer so many cute clothes, shoes and accessories at decent prices. The free shipping is fantastic as well if you are on a budget.

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