February 24, 2015

Zim's Max-Freeze | Review + Giveaway

Zim's Max-Freeze  provides a cooling sensation and utilizes a topical analgesic formula to deliver temporary relief to aching muscles and joints. Zim’s Max-Freeze is formulated with naturally-based ingredients including aloe, arnica, Vitamin E and tea tree oil. Available in gel, roll-on and spray applications. 

Most of you won't know this, but a couple of years ago I was in a bad car accident. Luckily the only lasting injury that I have from that accident is chronic back pain. Ever since that accident, my back has never been quite right. I find that if I am lifting boxes, or on my feet for a couple of hours, my back will start to throb. With my current job, I am constantly standing, and most of the time on concrete. This can kill my back. At night my body will feel restless, and just sore. Muscle rubs, gels, and patches have been my best friends for years. I recently was introduced to Zim's Max-Freeze, and I have been using it for the past month exclusively on my sore muscles. Within that time I have had the chance to really see how well it works for my back pain. 

I will start off by saying that I tried the roll on kind. I find them to be very convenient, and easy to use. According to the bottle, it claims "Maximum Muscle & Joint Pain Relief". I will halfway agree with that statement. It does provide very quick pain relief to a aching body. However I have found with each time I use it, the relief doesn't last quite as long as I would like. I have used other products similar to this, and the relief will last for a good while before I have to re-apply. With the Zim's Max-Freeze, I find that I have to apply it more often to keep the pain at bay. I also think that this depends on the severity of your pain. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being unbearable pain, my back pain can sometimes be a 6 or 7. I think the Zim's Max-Freeze might be better for pain that is in the 1-4 range. 

I gave up using it on my back, but currently I use it on my knees when they are having a little bit of pain. It works great for them, and helps me feel a bit better. I also like how quickly it absorbs into my skin. There is no residue left after it absorbs either. 

Overall, I think this is a decent product, however I think it is better for minor muscle pain.
Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

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