March 02, 2015

AntlerRings Unisex Camouflage Ring | Review

Amazing detail and high quality hunting camo ring with a comfort fit. For all of you Hunters, Fishermen, and outdoors people, this camouflage ring has striking detail and a woodland camo print that expresses your outdoor and hunting lifestyle to the T. Made of the best quality surgical grade stainless steel, and a custom designed and sealed camo print, this ring speaks the outdoorsman in you. No matter what you day job, whether on the construction site, or behind a desk, always show off your true love for hunting and the outdoors with this camo ring. These rings make a great wedding or engagement band for him, birthday gift, anniversary gift to replace an old ring, or if he loses his ring, replace it with a beautiful camo ring!

If you are looking for a great camouflage ring that won't break the bank, then this is for you. The ring is great for men and women, however in my case it is being used as a alternative wedding band for a man. He first off is a avid hunter, and pretty much everything he owns is camouflage (he even got married in a camouflage suit), and something like this I knew would be right up his alley. He works with his hands on a daily basis, and his original wedding band had been getting banged up after only a few months. This is where this ring saves the day! He can wear this ring in place of his actual wedding band, and doesn't have to worry about roughing it up, or even worse, losing it.

The ring looks great on the finger, the camouflage adds a nice look to it. Ideal for outdoorsy types, hunters, and camouflage lovers. I was honestly kinda of surprised when it arrived at how nice it looks. Because of the affordable price, I was expecting something that looked like it was made in China. This however does not. I'm anxious to see how it works out with wear and tear. So far so good. The camouflage adds a great touch for those who are avid outdoors men/women, hunters, or just camouflage lovers.

Overall if you are looking for a nice ring to give as a gift, have for yourself, or use as a wedding band replacement / alternative, then this is definitely the ring for you!
Please note that I was sent this product complimentary to try out in my home in order to share my honest experience, thoughts and review.

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