March 17, 2015

Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair Shampoo / Conditioner / Hair Mask | Review

I have baby fine, color treated, damaged hair so like many, I am always on the hunt for a good shampoo that will work with my hair and not against it. Thankfully this one has seemed to be friends with my hair and is helping it become tame!

I am the type of person that cannot stand unwashed hair, and therefore I have to wash my hair daily. I kicked my old shampoo aside and used this for a week straight to see what kind of results I would have. I found that this cleaned my hair very well, and left my hair feeling refreshed. Because my hair is so dry, I cannot just use shampoo alone, so I also paired this with the Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair Daily Hair Conditioner as well as the Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner by Arvazallia. By using this with the conditioner and mask, my hair was left feeling clean, super soft, manageable, and sleek.

The reason why this is getting 4 stars is due to a issue with how the bottles are sealed. The bottles come shrink wrapped in plastic which I liked, however once I unscrewed the cap, the aluminum seal on both the shampoo and conditioner wasn't properly sealed and some of the product had spilled out. If the bottles weren't shrink wrapped, I wouldn't have used them. But since they were, I figured they were alright. It was just a hassle cleaning up the bottles and wasted some product. Hopefully this was just a freak thing that happened with my bottles. *see image below*

I have been using this along with the shampoo and mask for over a week, and have to say that I love this conditioner. After shampooing, I need conditioner to bring my hair back to life. I apply this on, let it sit for 3 minutes or so, then wash it out. My hair is left feeling super soft, smooth, and shiny. I tend to concentrate this starting at the middle of my hair down through the ends. That is where my hair is most frizzy and dry.

I am very pleased that this doesn't weigh down my baby fine hair at all, which most conditioners tend to do. So bonus points there!

My one problem is how the bottle was sealed. I had this issue with the shampoo and conditioner bottles. The aluminum piece that is used to seal the bottle opening just wasn't sealed properly. The product had leaked out and was all over the top of the bottle. Thankfully the bottles are all individually shrink wrapped so it didn't make a mess while shipping, but I did have to clean up each bottle and lost some of the product. *see image below*

Overall I like this conditioner a lot and it does seem to work well with my stubborn hair.

I have tried a million and one hair masks in my time. Only a handful give me results that I am happy with. This one is one of the masks that truly work wonders with my hair. As you can see by my hair description above, my hair needs all the TLC it can have. Right before I started using this mask, I did a full trim of my hair, and was sure to go through and remove any split ends. I then began using this mask about 3 times a week, for 10-15 minutes. I have been using this along with the shampoo and conditioner by Arvazallia to achieve maximum results.

After first use I noticed a big change with my hair immediately, but also days after. My hair felt softer, looked smoother, and was just beautiful! I am still in the early stages of using this, but so far I love how it makes my hair feel. I tend to concentrate this towards the middle of my hair down through the ends since that is where I need the most deep conditioning. This doesn't weigh my hair down which is rare because I have such baby fine hair.

Overall this is a great mask. 5 star rating from me!

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