March 10, 2015

Candy Buffet Store : Rock Candy Crystal Sticks : Light Blue Cotton Candy | Review

via Candy Buffet Store

I love rock candy simply because it reminds me of my childhood. A great simple candy that everyone loves!

I tried the flavor Cotton Candy, and to be honest, the flavor was much different than what I was expecting. Most things that are Cotton Candy flavored, the just taste super artificial to me, and overly sweet. However these from the Candy Buffet Store were the exact opposite. They have a lighter flavor, some others that have given reviews described it as a warm vanilla flavor, and I would have to agree. It isn't over the top sweet either, which is funny since it is sugar. But it is just a milder form. Great if you want a sweet, but don't want something that will take you over the top. These to me have a very old time flavor, they remind me of the rock candy sticks I used to get from a old country store when I was a child.

These would be fantastic to have at a birthday party, you could mix them with so many themes for anyone young or old. Have them as part of a party favor for guests. Serve them at a baby shower. Have them at a wedding. I mean there are so many ways you can work these into a party. Or you can just simply have them at home for a nice sweet treat every now and then!

I really enjoy these, and I love their flavor. I will definitely be trying out other flavors in the future when I am planning a party! By far a 5 star rating from me!

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