March 18, 2015

Deanamic Driven Infinity Scarf | Review

With so many beautiful colors offered in this scarf (white, pink, black, gold, beige, blue, red) I decided to go with the beige. I have a bunch of multi-colored scarves in my collection, but I was lacking in something neutral toned. So the beige color just spoke to me!

First let me start off by saying that the scarf material is super soft, and not at all scratchy or rough. It has a very cozy feeling. The length of the scarf makes it perfect to wear in a couple different styles, my 2 favorites being double wrapped around my neck, and one part wrapped around my neck and the other over my head, almost like a hood. It goes great with casual outfits, however I was also able to add it with a fancier coat, and it was easily dressed up.

Second, I love how warm this kept me. I live in Northern New England, and winter is still in full effect here right now even though spring is just around the corner. Prior to getting this scarf, I was using normal wrap around style scarves that would tend to fall off my neck when the wind would blow. My infinity scarves that I did have were thin, and made more for use as a fashion accessory than practical uses. This scarf kept my neck warm, and when I would wrap part of it over my head, my neck, ears and head stayed nice and warm.

I am beyond pleased with this scarf, and look forward to using it again next fall and winter!

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