March 17, 2015

Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash | Review

I have a very hard time finding a body wash that fits my needs. Something that will obviously do a good job at cleaning my body but not dry out my skin. Because it is still winter time here in New England, and it is still pretty chilly, my skin has been very dry. My prior body wash just wasn't doing anything to help hydrate and nourish my skin. Naturally when I was given the opportunity to try out the new Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash, I jumped on it!

I have been using this daily for a little while now and I absolutely love this body wash. I think this even ranks in my top 5 all time favorite body washes... yes its that good! It has a great light floral scent, one that is fairly unique compared to the other body washes I have ever used. Makes me feel like I am off in some tropical paradise! The body wash itself foams up very nicely and gives a great lather. I like to use a loofah in the shower, so I just squirt a quarter sized amount on the loofah, and I am ready to go. It gives me a gentle clean that doesn't dry out my skin, and it leaves my skin feeling so soft, smooth and simply wonderful. After I am done in the shower, my entire bathroom will smell lovely! The scent will last on my skin for a short while, and I find that I can still wear my perfumes after washing, the scent of the body wash doesn't interfere with my fragrances at all.

I have to give this a "run out and buy it now" rating simply because I am so impressed with this body wash. It is everything that I look for in a body wash and so much more!

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