March 06, 2015

Diet Diaries #1 | Finally Got My Motivation + Week 1 Weigh In

Hi lovies! I am happy to announce that I am starting a new series here on my blog called Diet Diaries. This month I finally started on my weight loss journey. It has been a long time coming, and throughout the years I would always read weight loss blogs and see others results. This time I decided that I would share my journey with everyone in hopes that I might inspire someone else.

For me this isn't a diet, it is a complete lifestyle change. I have been overweight basically my entire life, and I have struggled with it for years. I was kind of blind to my weight piling on when I was in my teens, and didn't notice how bad it got until I was in my 20s. Since then I have been starting diets, then giving up. I never had the motivation. Now that has all changed.

I recently found out that I have the opportunity to do something, and it is something that I want to shed some weight for. It is the boost in the butt that I needed. So starting this month, March 2015, I have begun my weight loss journey. I am currently in my first week of this, so I'm still just out of the starting gate, and have a long way to go. But having that drive behind me now, this time everything feels so different. I feel confident. I feel energetic. I feel excited!

Now onto this weeks weigh in... 6 pounds lost! I am very pleased with my results, my goal for each week is 2-3 pounds.

Catch you all later! xo

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