March 23, 2015

Diet Diaries #3 | I Lost 10 Pounds!

First off, I want to apologize for the delay of this weeks weigh in. I actually forgot to post this blog this past weekend, and just rememberd it today! Oh well, only 2 days late!

This week I finished my 3rd consecutive week of my weight loss journey, and I have to say that I am amazed at just how much I am adjusting to my new lifestyle. What honestly has helped me so far is knowing that I can still eat the things that I love, just eating them in moderation. I have also noticed that now I am more health concious when I am picking out my foods. I am still counting calories, but it is almost becoming to the point where I don't need that little reminder of what my calories are at any given moment. I know now what I can eat, and how much. I know what will send my calorie budget over the limit.

So far my biggest change that has helped me out so much has been meal prepping. On Sundays I figure out what I want to have for the week, and I will make it up. Once it cools, I split it equally into portions, and freeze it. Then during the week I can simply go to the freezer, grab a homemade meal that is all set and ready to be eaten within minutes. I like cooking the things myself because I know exactly what is going into each meal. Over the past 2 weeks of meal prepping, I have made a homemade lasagna, homemade sesame chicken and rice, and a homemade chicken pot pie. Normally buying these things at a restaurant, or even in the frozen foods section would be a huge no no. But where I am making it all myself, I can control how much of the good things I put in, and leave out or lessen the bad things. The next meal I have planned to add into my weekly prep will be a homemade meatloaf with veggies.

This week I also hit my goal of getting in 3 miles on the elliptical machine! I cannot believe that just 3 weeks ago, I could honestly only do about 2 minutes on the elliptical before I felt like I was dying. Now I am going 10-15 minute spans without stopping, and getting in a mile each time. Again, I  know this isn't much, but for someone who didn't work out at all, this is a big improvement!

Okay onto this weeks weigh in... 2 pounds lost! Yay!! That brings my total now to 10 pounds lost! I am very happy to reach this milestone and goal!

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