March 30, 2015

Diet Diaries #4 | One Month of Weight Loss Reflection

Hi lovies! This past weekend I hit my 4th week on my weight loss journey. I have made myself so proud by sticking with it for this long, it means I am determined!

After this month I have come to learn so much about weight loss. I have learned that small steps lead to great accomplishments. I have learned that I can have a bad day, pick myself up, and strive for better on the next. I have also found how to balance my old ways with my new lifestyle.

The biggest change for me has been my eating habits. I am becoming less and a emotional eater, or a bored eater. I am focusing now on meals that are good for me, that still taste amazing and don't break the bank. Meal prepping has been the biggest help to me in my weight loss journey so far. Usually in my home, Sundays are prepping day. I will make up 2 or more meals to have for the week. I no longer have an excuse to make poor meal choices. Everything is easily accessable and right there for me. I am working hard at making my portion sizes more adaquate, however I am keeping watch of my daily allowed calories, and only 2 times this month did I go over calorie budget.

That brings me to my next thing. Calorie counting. It has helped me out so much. I know now what amount of food my body needs to be at its best, without going over. I track my calories daily and it really helps. I use the app Lose It! and it so far is amazing. Tracking with it is so easy! I highly recommend it! Within the next few months, I will be using my calorie counter less and less because this is something that I need to have fully set in my mind, and not rely constantly on something telling me where I'm at. Plus I won't lie, calorie counting can at some points drive you crazy. But I promise, it does help when you're starting out!

Another thing that really hit me this month was when I fit into my first set of "goal" jeans. I had a pair of jeans that I loved and would wear all the time, then I gained weight and I couldn't fit in them anymore. The last time I tried them I couldnt get them to button to save my life. This past week, I wore them out shopping. I was so happy!

Overall in this first month, I have learned to never under estimate myself. I am strong. And I can do this!

So lets get into the 1 month weight loss! My goal was 10 pounds, which if you remember, last week I reached that goal!

For my final weigh in for March, I lost 2 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 12 pounds!

I hope anyone else who is on a weight loss journey is doing well. Keep going loves!

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