April 14, 2015

Diet Diaries #6 | How I Am Losing My Weight

Hi everyone! I know it's Tuesday, and I am a day late in posting my weekly weigh in for last week. I some how got busy posting other things on my blog yesterday that this one completely slipped my mind! Yay for going senile!

I have been reading up on many weight loss blogs lately, and while many are fantastic, there are some out there that just make me shake my head. I have seen so many people posting weight loss on their blogs, but I am sad to say that more than likely it won't last. When I read some, they are just so focused on the number on the scale that they are blind to the real things that help weight loss, and keep it off.

My first thing that I did with this weight loss, is I started researching foods and meals. I looked up famous fitness gurus, and body builders. I looked at what advice they offered, and shared about food. I have learned SO much thanks to them. For instance, I am cutting out processed and artifical foods from my diet. I am tossing out my margarine and buying real butter. I am not replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners. I learned something that some how I was blind to for most of my life. Weight loss is about what you eat. If you are eating something that isn't natural, that is made in a factory, it isn't right for your body. Does artificial sweeteners have less calories, fat, and whatever than regular sugar? Sure. But is it a real food? No. It is exactly that, artificial. I learned that eating whole foods, and natural made foods is a billion times better for your body than those "low fat, no fat, reduced fat, 90 calorie" artifical foods. Your body can process the real food, the fake stuff, it can't. Most often those foods your body can't process get turned to fat. Kinda defeats the purpose huh?

I have noticed such a difference in how I feel since exchanging more of the processed foods I was eating for natural, whole foods. Instead of snacking on Fruit By The Foot, I have been opting for dry roasted, unsalted peanuts. Little changes like that are making all of the difference! The best benefit from this, is when I lose this weight, it will stay off because I am learning how to properly eat. Unlike many who will lose the weight and revert back to their old eating habits, consuming unhealthy foods, I will be eating healthy foods that truly benefit me and my body!

Next week I will go into detail about foods I have given up, foods I am still eating, and foods I never thought I'd eat that I'm eating!

Now onto this weeks weigh in... I am down 2 pounds for the week, bringing my total weight loss to 15 pounds! I am so happy and pleased with my results!

To those watching their weight, keep up the great work!

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