April 06, 2015

Diet Diaries | Hello April!

This weeks weight loss wasn't as much as I was hoping for. To be quite frank, I was kind of bummed. Last week was not my best week at all. Not because of cheating on my diet or anything, but for a good portion of the week I was fighting a urinary tract infection. Because I was taking strong medicine to help knock out the infection, I didn't work out much at all. I of course wasn't feeling well, and I knew that it would be better for my body to rest and focus on taking care of the infection.

I knew that my weight loss for the week wouldn't be fantastic. I figured I would either gain, or simply maintain. I then did my weigh in, and spoiler alert, I lost 1 pound. For the first few minutes after I won't lie, I was kinda bummed and angry with myself. But then I changed my thinking. Any amount of weight being lost is a million times better than weight gained. Now that I remind myself about that, I am pleased with my weekly weigh in.

Anyways, it is April now and that means spring should be arriving here in Maine pretty soon! Yes, technically it already arrived on the calendar, but I don't think mother nature got the memo! I am looking forward to the snow melting, and warmer temperatures so I can move a lot of my work outs outside. Don't get me wrong, I love the ellyptical, however I would love to get outdoors and play some tennis, walk, and maybe even go bike riding. Soon it will come, I just have to be patient!

So this weeks weigh in... I lost 1 pound! My new total weight lost is 13 pounds! Woohoo! I'm on my way to 20!

I hope everyone has a great week! Keep up the great work!

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