April 27, 2015

Diet Diaries #7: Weeks #7 and #8

Hi loves! So last week was super busy for me and I didn't get a chance to update my Diet Diary. So I figured I would just combine weeks 7 and 8!

I am playing catch up today with a bunch of blogs, and what have you, so unfortunately I am going to keep this diet diary short and sweet.

This week I gained a pound. Not the end of the world. I kinda had a feeling that my steady weight loss would slow down, and it did. I'm not quite sure why I gained a pound, but it's not the end of the world!

This week I lost that pound that I gained. So I am still currently at 15 pounds lost. Perhaps I am coming into one of the well known weight loss plateaus. I have done lots of research about them, and I am prepared for them.

On another note, I hit a new record this week. While on the elliptical I completed 1 mile in 10 minutes. I was beyond proud of myself!

One of my biggest goals within the next 3 months or so is to complete a 5k on the elliptical. Thats just slightly over 3 miles. I probably won't do it all in 1 sitting, but in 1 day, I would like to do 3 seperate miles. So thats my motivation!

Hope all your weight losses are going well!

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