April 06, 2015

Elimination Herbal Parasite Cleanse | Review


Green Herb Elimination is a unique and powerful internal cleanser that rids your body of a wide range of parasites using a proprietary blend of 10 natural herbs.

  • Only Green Herb’s detoxification program offers relief from such a broad spectrum of microorganisms and the symptoms they cause. And Elimination is effective at combating these invaders without inducing harsh side effects.
    Our treatment was specially formulated by renowned European master herbalist Dr. Bernard Barber to be extremely potent, yet easy on your body. It contains three times the active ingredients found in other brands.
    Elimination is effective in clearing your systems of pathological bacteria; all types of worms, including pinworm, tapeworm, hookworm and threadworm; clearing up tough eczemas and fungi such as athlete’s foot, as well as yeast infections, including candida and thrush.
    Quick and lasting relief from a wide range of symptoms, including: fatigue, headaches, itchiness, blisters, irritable bowels, reflux, sugar craving, bloating, gas and general discomfort. No other detoxificant can make that claim!
    When taken for a complete 30-day program, Elimination destroys the entire life cycle of worms, from eggs to mature adult, guaranteeing they will not return. 


I sometimes suffer from yeast related skin rashes. I have tried for a long time to find ways to eliminate them, but everything so far barely works. I was skeptical with this Elmination supplement at first, but after taking it continutiously for 2 weeks or so, I am starting to see real results.

As TMI as this may be, I tend to get the yeast rashes under my bust area. I have a larger bust, so of course my bust rubs against my chest. This traps moisture and yeast begins to form there. Its just one of the joys of being busty! My skin was red, sore, and just didn't look pretty. Since I began taking this daily, I noticed that the area has reduced by 25% or so, and no longer is as sore. The redness has kinda gone more into a lighter pink tone. There still is irritation from the rash, but by the looks of it, its going away.

I am still only half way in, but so far I seem to be getting positive results from taking this. If anything negative should happen while I finish out this bottle, I will update. But as of right now, everything is great. I have no side effects from this. There are no after tastes or burps. This hasn't effected my stomach in any way. If these results keep up, I will be recommending this to all my larger busted friends who suffer from the same issue.

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