April 22, 2015

Key West Health & Beauty Retinol Cream | Review


Key West Health & Beauty was founded by 2 multi-location day spa owners with over 15 years of experience performing thousands of skin care treatments. Our retinol night cream is an advanced formula with 97% natural and 71% organic ingredients, unlike most retinol creams that contain heavy amounts of synthetic ingredients and fillers.

At a strength of 2.5%, it contains 2 1/2 times the amount of retinol as the standard 1% strength found in most retinol creams and is the strongest percentage available without a prescription.

Our 1.7 oz size is nearly twice the size as the standard 1 oz container offered with most retinol products.

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Before this, I didn't have a daily night cream to use. I suffer from dry skin, and the older I get the worse it seems to be. I recently changed up my skincare routine, added in some new products, this being one of them. I now have this as my daily night time cream that I use after my shower.

I have been using this for a few weeks straight, and I have noticed that my skin has become much more radiant, the dry spots are clearing up, and my skin just looks so much more youthful. I have noticed that my breakouts are becoming less and less as well. It seems that all the new products that I am using just seem to be working together perfectly.

Now about the cream itself. It is very light, and doesn't take long at all to absorb into the skin. It dries and doesn't leave any heavy greasy feeling, or any residue.

I cannot comment on this for anti-aging, or anti-wrinkles because I am only in my late 20s and don't really have that issue yet. I use these types of products as a preventative measure. So far it seems to be working wonderfully with my skin!

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