April 06, 2015

Stainless Steel Digital Luggage Scale by OnPoint® | Review


Never Pay Unexpected Overweight Bag Fees Again Traveling has never been more expensive or stressful. Why worry about your bags at check-in, getting stung with extra fees and facing the embarrassment of repacking in public? The Highly Accurate and Extremely Dependable Digital Luggage Scale A modern fashionable stainless steel design that is lightweight, accurate and dependable.

- Easy-to-Read LCD display you don't have to strain or bend to see
- Lock Weight
- Once bag is stable display locks onto weight for easy reading
- Auto Shut-Off after 30 seconds preserves battery
- Capacity Overload indicator shows when bags are over the scale limit
- Low battery indicator gives you plenty of notice to ensure your scale is ready when you need it
- Compact lightweight 3.3oz scale travels with you so you can avoid surprises on the trip home


I am going to be travelling on a airplane soon, which I haven't done in years. I know that luggage has to be under a certain weight or the baggage fees can really start piling up. Thankfully I have this in my home now! I have my bags packed, and I know exactly what they weigh!

This is very easy to use. One button to control everything. Easily able to turn on and off. Press to change measurements. Weighing your bags is easy. Simply loop the strap around your luggage handles and lift. It is that easy! When you're done, press and hold the button to turn off.

It is small in size, so travelling with this will be perfect. I plan to take this with me on my flights just so I never have to worry about having a over filled bag that will end up costing me additional baggage fees.

If you are looking for a luggage scale, this is just what you are looking for! Very simple, easy to use, and great to travel with. I give it a big 5 star rating! Happy Travels!

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