April 27, 2015

Target Plus Size Selection In Store Still Stinks + First Impression of the Ava & Viv Collection | Spring 2015

Target came out with a revamped plus size section a while back, and today I actually had the chance to head down to my local Target store and check out their selection.

First and foremost, I am referring to the actual stores, not their online store. Online I have found their plus size section to be quite decent compared to the past. This blog is just about the actual in store experience.

So I walk into my Target store, and head straight toward the far back corner of the womens clothing side. Tucked in the back after rows, rows, and more rows of regular sized clothing, I see the sign for Maternity. Following that, the sign saying Womens. I see a rack filled with cute skirts in the womens section, I go to check them out, and they are maternity. Regular sized maternity. Bummer. To the right of me is some plus size clothes, and to the left of me there is plus size. So why did they put more maternity in the plus size section? I work in retail and that is just bad merchandising.

I see a few racks for plus size, all of which are the Ava & Viv collections. On each rack there might have been 2 or 3 garments available. Only 1 of each size, if that. I will give the Ava & Viv collection credit, they do have a nice selection of different garments. I browsed through, rack after rack... almost all of the Ava & Viv garments are sheer. There wasn't 1 shirt, dress, or skirt that I found that wasn't sheer or see through. That completely boggles my mind. What plus size woman wants to wear sheer clothing? We want to look confident, and sexy. Not have our bodies exposed the second light hits us just right. I saw some dresses that I had seen online and seen in other bloggers posts. Sheer. I would have to wear a slip under them to even get by.

I went to the middle of the Womens section and there were probably 6 chuck full racks of clearance. Unfortunately 99% of the clothes in this were regular size. Again IN THE PLUS SIZE SECTION. Behind these racks on the wall there was some displays of more Ava & Viv clothes. Again only 2 or 3 of each garment. Very bare looking.

After that I gave up. A complete waste. There were maybe 3 things that I found that I wanted to get, but unfortunately they didnt have my size in stock. So I left empty handed. As usual.

I will give Target credit, they did up the ante with their plus size section. But because they were so bad to begin with, they still have a LOOONG way to go. The plus size sections are still very mediocre. Walmart has a better section of clothes, with plenty of merchandise in stock. Which is pretty sad around here considering my local Walmarts downsized their plus size section.

I will never for the life of me understand why these big chain companies are being so ignorant when it comes to their plus size customers. They could make a killing if they offered a similar variety that they offer regular sizes. They could make a killing if they carried enough clothes in store to meet demands. They would make a killing if they just understood plus size women.

On a side note, the other day I did a online purchase of some Ava & Viv jeans (since I looked them up to see if they were available in any of the local Targets around me... and nope) so they will be arriving soon. I ordered 2 sizes, the 2 that I seem to float between, when they arrive I will give my thoughts!

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