April 13, 2015

Vixen Large Heavy Duty Toenail Clipper | Review


Toenail Clipper made of heavy-duty stainless steel with even weight distribution to prevent slipping
Sharp wide jaw to cut thick nails without jagged edges, tearing or breakage
This is a must have professional pedicure tool
3.5" Extra-Large toenail clipper


I have what you might call a nail clipper fetish! I have a good 20 nail clippers around my home. Some that I love, and others that I save just for use with my pets.

I am always trying to find a nail clipper that is comfortable in the hand, cuts well, and just is overall a great nail clipper. I have found less than a handful of these types of nail clippers that live up to my expectations. These do. These are larger than any other nail clippers I have ever used in my life. Not overly big or anything, but just larger than your normal "large" size clippers. They are very round in shape, and this makes them easy to hold in your hand and get a nice grip. You have a great amount of control.

I have used these both on my hands and toes, and they are great to use for both. I really liked using them as apart of my pedicure for my feet. Clipping my toenails was so easy, and I got nice clean even cuts.

These are fantastic, and something I would definitely recommend to my family and friends!

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