May 14, 2015

EZY Pruners Pruning Shears | Review


Easier Cuts With Less Effort Makes Pruning A Breeze! 

A great solution to allow gardeners to enjoy greater cuts with less effort, while getting more pruning done!
This magnificent ratchet mechanism saves you time in the garden, while providing increased leverage with it's 3-stage ratchet system for anything you cut up to an inch in diameter. From branches, flower stems, etc...

The non-stick, teflon coated, Sk-5 blade slices through just about anything in it's way! Many gardeners will be able to benefit from using this and will love it as a gift to use almost anytime of the year. Particularly as spring approaches!


Its spring time, so that means freshening up the garden area. Having a good pair of pruning shears is a must. Prior to these I had a cheap pair from a local mass retailer, and while they worked, over the past few years they just declined. Didn't cut much anymore. When these arrived in the mail, I had many jobs for them lined up!

I wanted to trim back a few of my greenery bushes, and I also had a few bushes that suffered damage from winter that needed some sprucing up. These easily cut through them, and were quite simple to use. I also used these on a few small tree branches that suffered damage during the harsh winter as well, and they would cut the whole thing with 2 squeezes. Very nice job at pruning, I was quite pleased. I liked how the blade would open plenty wide to accomidate any width branch that needed to be trimmed. Most of my shears only open so far and thats it.

I am giving these a 4 out of 5 star rating for one reason. They are quite large for my hands. I have average sized hands for a woman, and these are pretty big for me. I found myself having to use 2 hands just to have a tight grip on them. These are definitely better equipped for a man with average to large sized hands. Just something to keep in mind if you have smaller hands.

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